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 Posted on 21/02/2014 - 10:57
Idea Outline
Communication ethics online (CEO) is a decision making and data aggregation platform to address civic and commercial demand for high-quality comparative information in the field of global sustainable development.

The Challenge
To build better multi-community decision-making and information resources that aid transition towards a fully sustainable global economy. To foster ethical and sustainable behaviour by corporations and individuals, building trust through the provision of high quality information resources. Strategy (problem system solves) All people require the best comparative information to make sustainable decisions; they also require to trust the holders of that information and to engage with the deepest principles of data design from within communities of practice where information is continuously developed and tested.

The Solution

CEO offers best practice information for sustainable development using:

4.1 Decision systems
All CEO information resources aid non-commercial commercial decision-making across multiple fields of sustainability information, using the latest digital logic and visualisation programmes (see technical specification).

4.2 Library resources
Libraries of pre-structured data are made available for user/member communities to adapt as part of a growing social information resource that, over time, builds interdisciplinary connections between professional fields as well as within each field itself.

4.3 Licensed content
Each licensee adds content that is then paid for by others on a system royalty payment model, allowing companies and individuals to earn income as they learn.

Target group and social impact
Citizens who wish to address issues of sustainability using both dialogue and decision making library resources. Multinational corporations in the UK who purchase sustainability research and information to Improve corporate sustainability practice. Communication professionals (advertising, design, marketing, PR/PA, journalists, etc). Aiming to improve the communication integrity and quality of professional practice. Students and the 16-24 youth market, those searching for a resource to aid their sustainability analysis.

Competences of the applicant
Twenty years in the sustainability field. PhD in management from Radboud University, Nijmegen. Established the Institute of Communication Ethics in 2001.

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