Neighbourhood Unite
 Posted on 10/02/2014 - 14:38
Idea Outline is a 2 way community messaging system designed to improve community spirit and reduce low level crime. We provide simple to use systems which included 2 way group text messaging with no additional cost to members.

The Challenge provides a platform for Community Safety Initiatives to design the shape and size of their communities and allows the Police to interact securely within those areas. The website is protected with tiered permission based access and this security gives both members and police greater control over who sees their messages and therefore the quality of the information shared is likely have more value than what people are prepared to share using other online platforms e.g Facebook, Twitter etc. This is an opportunity for small groups of PCs/PCSOs to create a relationship with a group of people over a period of time without meeting face to face, seeing the history of action and activity that has occurred, maximising efficient use of Police time, finances and resources.

The Solution is a 2 way community messaging system providing members of Community Safety Schemes e.g. Homewatch/Neighbourhood Watch, Police & their Partners a platform to distribute information and intelligence in the confidence that a limited number of people will see the response.  The website provides an opportunity for the Police to promote social capital and community cohesion in a controlled online environment. The system is secure, convenient and reliable communication layer with sits between residents and the Police enabling group distribution of information through email message or text. We have been successfully delivering communication systems to the retail and night time economies for 10 years and provide support to 100's of businesses who are committed to improving customer safety through online commuication systems. As such we are recognised by many UK Police forces and their partners for the work we do. If we are succesful in receiving an award we will have the financial security to grow Neighbourhood Unite across the country with the assistance of the Police and their partners. Our goal is to provide first class training and most crucially ongoing support for our members. In the future we would like to use this financial security to develop a cross platform App to further simplify the process of information sharing for our members.

Target group and social impact
Police and their partners including Councils. Community Safety Schemes e.g Homewatch and Neighbourhood Watch groups. Tennants and Residents and Housing Associations.

Competences of the applicant
15 years commercial I.T experience. Computer programming, server and network experience. Frontline experience providing online communication systems to the Police, Retail and Night Time economies.

Video Link
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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement

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  • Social Software

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    Seems to take the interaction and information to next level, its needed and it uses mobile tech to its best advantage

    We hear so much about the issues of police costs and response these days and about intelligence lead investigations, this service gives every one the opportunity to submit that information direct to those who could be victims, and the authorities we charge with our care and enforcement. Mobile technology moves so quick now it is hard to keep pace, Maybe an anonymous video posting service could be added in future to aid investigations or identification as a film of an event regardless of quality is more reliable than most statements, and backs up statements. however it empowers all demographics to fight crime and bring law abiding people together.