A new start for a leading partecipatory platform
 Posted on 15/02/2014 - 12:35
Idea Outline
Airesis is a new kind of participatory social network, totally open source and focused on achieving consensual resolutions involving all the stakeholders related to a particular issue. It’s an evolutionary platform for ideas.

The Challenge
For three years a group of volunteers (about 20 engineers and economists) developed the software and maintained a free online web site for the users community. Many organizations of any kind joined the network, which actually counts more than 10.000 users from different countries. Until now costs have been covered by donations, the volunteers group and the users community represent an invaluable asset that cannot be dissipate, but the growth is no more sustainable.

The Solution

To support the increasing number of users, and to develope a large number of new innovative functionality in a sustainable way, the team idea is to study benchmarking experience at international level and get acquainted on next wave of potential technological innovation with high impact on citizen as public service consumers/provider.
The study aim to define a new revenue model for the project and explore which new user targets can be addressed, and which software developments will be necessary to address them. Support to define a new organization will be appreciated.

Target group and social impact
Any kind of organization and group can benefit from using Airesis. Associations, companies, schools, universities research polo, public administrations, parties, trade unions, lobbies, neighborhoods are example of organizations appropriate of using Aresis.

Competences of the applicant
The volunteers group includes 30-40 give a number IT professionals (software developers, software analists, project manager, web masters), politicians and researchers.

Video Link
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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement

  • Tecnology Category
  • Open Source
  • Web/Internet

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    This is a great project!

    Great Project!

    Good idea! At last!

    Wonderful ideas, planning and project.
    Good luck guys ! ;-)