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 Posted on 07/04/2014 - 00:36
Idea Outline
ecomumy is a FREE mobile app that helps mothers (‘mumys’) to share their daily school rounds with fellow parents, minimising the numbers of school rounds they do weekly, thereby reducing traffic flow during the peak hours and reducing CO2 emissions!

The Challenge
As a student, I would notice the main cause for the traffic congestion typically consists of school rounds due to the excess number of cars on the roads during peak hours. Both of my parents work, so traveling to school was always a hassle. My mum usually drops and picks me up from school which was difficult as she needed at least two days flexibility. The greatest strain was traffic itself impacting both her and my schedule. I wondered if there was any way we would be able to resolve this issue simply through the palm of your hand. ecomumy should manage to reduce at least one third of the parents’ vehicles on the road daily as an effective car-sharing programme. It’s impossible to communicate at a wider level without software support. This is where ecomumy becomes a handy tool.

The Solution

ecomumy helps parents to share their school rounds with fellow parents, freeing themselves for a few full days in a week and allow them to find time to do something constructive such as doing a part-time job. It will crucially avoid the need for them to use their own vehicles all the time, thereby significantly reducing the number of their vehicles on the road. Ideally, this will also contribute greatly to reduce the traffic during the peak hours and thereby promote the eco-friendly environment through the reduction of CO2 emissions as it becomes popular. I’m so proud of providing a contribution to the environment we are part of. This app has great potential to become popular in the UK as well as all over the world and also I believe it will become as a good revenue-making product too.

Target group and social impact
The parents of a same school or even adjacent schools have the potential to network themselves and work together sharing the school rounds with other ‘mumys’ of the same or adjacent schools. There are about 25,000 schools in the UK and the total number of pupils attending schools in the UK exceeds 10 million, 100 million in Europe and 50 million in the US! And of course there are many times more elsewhere in the world. These figures show a guess estimate on how many parents are likely to become a user of ecomumy worldwide over the forthcoming period of time. ecomumy will be the first ever application to service and contribute to this extent.

Competences of the applicant
Although I am a 16 year old student, I have managed to get experience in a few commercial projects. The introduction of the App Store has inspired me to create an app that is both attractive and provides extreme utility; my competence was recognised by my school King’s College School who have featured an article:

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    You have created something unique here. All the very best to you for making it happen, and also on your future endeavours!

    Excellent, and something new idea . Wishing you all the very best

    Excellent idea

    Excellent,,, Best of LUCK

    Great idea :)

    Brilliant idea

    Good thinking, good job, good LUCK!

    Great idea

    This is a great idea and I think it will help mothers a lot.

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    This is an excellent idea to network the mothers who do school run daily.

    Excellent , brilliant, very thought full and much needed app.
    Anything to mini mize traffic congestion,especially in the rush hour traffic.

    Mothers dropping kids to school have been causing traffic chaos. Any invention to reduce the number of cars will be great help to other road users. Thanks Rita

    Very innovative idea

    Excellent idea!


    Excellent idea. Make sure it is well supported.

    Brilliant idea for a very real problem.

    Well done ☺

    Brilliant !

    Interesting way to minimize traffic during school hours.