Heart's Music for Peace
 Posted on 16/02/2014 - 16:26
Idea Outline
Heart's Music for Peace is a very special sound library, made up of recordings from different hearts that could promote peace.

The Challenge
Nowadays conflictive situations are very frequent, from familiar disagreements to the real wars that are worrying many counties all around the world. There are many different "reasons" why this clashes originate and intensify, building infinite barriers between people. Every time a point of view separate from global reality, it repels others very like a single polo of an entire magnet. The stronger the field, the more the repulsion. If we consider the human body like a magnet we can see exactly the same: when mind is focusing, for example considering how right it is to respect of another point of view, heart rate variability reduces and the heart is less and less able to recover. Sound of Soul is a technology that can improve heart rate variability and relationship between people.

The Solution

We encourage people to join our heart's music library and together with another person with different believes, to make their hearts play music together in a "one-to-one-heart concert" and so discover how beautiful communication is and how easy harmony could be if we listen with "a-ttention" (without tension) what we really are and what our bodies are telling us about our common origin. The tracks will be broadcast by different medias all around the world to promote peace and the participants can have a copy of their recording. The heart's music library will be on line for free on different websites.

Target group and social impact
Peace operators, mediators and teachers could have 'Heart's music for peace' library as a very innovative tool to operate with. People could learn how listening is therapeutic through the beauty of music.

Competences of the applicant
Elena Benigni is a Family Doctor Trainee with a long experience in multicultural environment. In 2013 she became regional exchange coordinator for WONCA organization. In 2014 as Scientific Director of the International Promoting Wellness Association she started to work with Sound of Soul to promote personal and community health in hospitals and cultural meetings.

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