Posted on 17/02/2014 - 13:16
Idea Outline
ChangeTheWorld_YOURWay with your own customizable stream of charitable projects that match your interests & share their results. Makerble works with registered NGOs and allows people to make monthly donations.

The Challenge
70% of charitable income goes to the largest 1% of UK charities. 1 in 6 charities fear that they will have to close due to financial difficulty. Meanwhile there are 14.5million people who are unsatisfied with the experience of donating to charity and they would give more if that experience were improved. 4million existing donors would give an additional £665million to charity each year if they believed that there donations would be effective; 5million non-donors would start giving if they believed their donation would be effective. This research is from the Charity Commission, NCVO and New Philanthropy Capital. Our challenge at Makerble is to access the market for 'latent donations' by making the charitable donations experience more transparent.

The Solution

Makerble collects stories & results from the charitable projects you make project. Our app and website lets people set aside a monthly amount which is used to fund projects sourced from registered charities which match their interests. Charities publish their projects' outputs and case studies. The results & stories are visualised using icons (like infographics) and displayed for each donor to see on their personal 'Change Timeline'. It is also posted to their Facebook Timeline. As a result, donors feel good about what their donations are achieving. We earn 4% commission on each donation. Given charities spend up to 15% of income on fundraising, is a good cost-saving for charities. 6000Euros will pay for marketing and reviewing of our private beta which is live.

Target group and social impact
People aged under 35 are most interested in knowing what their charitable donations achieve. They are our primary target group however we know that transparency is something that all donors care about to some degree so over time we will focus on older age groups. Our target audience have a growing social conscience but they are increasingly busy and therefore need the good causes they engage with to be convenient. We are focused on the UK but Makerble is the first of its kind globally so we are keen to expand e.g. to USA. Theory of Change: 1. increase people's understanding of charities' results. 2. this will increase consumer demand for charities to have clear results. 3. this will further financially incentivise charities to learm share and innovate in order to be more effective.

Competences of the applicant
6 years ago Matt & Annabel setup with friends, a London-based series of crowd-funding events for charitable projects. Over £70,000 has been raised through these events. Matt has worked on behaviour change campaigns for charities & UK Government. Kate won a Cannes Lions award for her work in advertising. Lead developer (Sebastien) has freelanced for Orange and coded two tech startups.

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Economic Empowerment and Prosperity
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Health and Demographic Change
  • Knowledge Society and Education
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

  • Tecnology Category
  • Data
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile
  • Web/Internet

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