Posted on 17/02/2014 - 15:05
Idea Outline
ScoreSAN™ is the working title of an idea which is a set of digital tools allowing production developers in Europe to select and hire the services of talented individuals anywhere to perform a specific creative function within a software DAW or NLE.

The Challenge
Movies, Television Series, Docudramas, Horror films and other types of media production depend on a large pool of talents. In 2009, James Cameron enlisted 2200 people to produce AVATAR, THE MATRIX enlisted 760, the new DARK KNIGHT had to manage 11,000 people. Even in 2014, film producers/directors continue to invest in logistics(airplane tickets, hotel expenses and computers), moving media production talents and their computers, from all over the world to enable them contribute to media projects. This is not limited to movies alone but also to UEFA football telecasts, ESPN live programmes or John de Mol’s THE VOICE OF HOLLAND. Producers and Studio Executives are finding it expensive and cumbersome to manage talents on these types of projects.

The Solution

ScoreSAN’s PLUGIN tools will enable movie Producers, Directors and Studio Executives anywhere in Europe to:1. hire talents anywhere from the EU without physically traveling to project location2. invite and manage talented individuals to enable them contribute their expertise on any media project3. easily administer, approve assets, oversee editing projects and media content via the software tool of choice4. manage remote production assets from third party freelancers all within the production software

Target group and social impact
The first group is the very large production companies like Nederland 1,2,3, NoS, Endemol, Eye Works BV, Studio 100, SBS and RTL. The second group are located regionally; beginning in the Schengen region and to the rest of Europe, which number about 9million registered creative technicians. The third group are online production services that already operate some form of Social Media presence. The fourth group is collectively the New and Emerging motion picture production landscapes - Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria whom, collectively, spent about 5,2Billion USD in new tools. The fifth group which ScoreSAN will target are motion picture and television content distribution corporations like Pathe and Hoek&Sonespuse.

Competences of the applicant
I hold a Masters Degree in New Media Design and ran two businesses (Ofamfa - and (Cineformat - As part of my regular work, I conceptualise, design and help to develop new technologies on behalf of my clients. ScoreSAN is an idea I have been working on for the past 12months. A visit to works page will show you a sample of my previous projects.

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    Anything that creates a platform to connect new and old professionals in this industry must be worth investigation, it would reduce air miles, and time given its approach I hope its considered!

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks a lot for your very positive feedback and support. I greatly appreciate it. This is something I am committed to doing and do look forward to it being considered. Many thanks.