Online citizen jury
 Posted on 18/02/2014 - 19:36
Idea Outline
To create an independent dispute resolution platform which uses a citizens' jury approach that can be used to mediate problems between two persons or parties (e.g. an eBay dispute). The process works by cross examination and could be brokered out.

The Challenge
Currently, disputes over small claims between consumers and business are dealt with by the small claims courts, where they often languish unresolved. With an increasing amount of commerce conducted online across national borders, a consistent approach will be essential to enhance consumer confidence and effectively enable consumers to pursue claims against businesses in different jurisdictions. The new EU Consumer ADR Directive requires all member states to implement a consumer dispute resolution mechanism by 2015. The Directive sets out minimum standards for the systems adopted, but provides no guidance on how such schemes should be devised. Our platform is a potential bottom-up solution for citizen to citizen and consumer to citizen disupute resolution.

The Solution

The idea is to build an online citizens jury platform and service to resolve many small disputes more quickly and at lower cost than courts. We want to explore how to:-

- provide effective and efficient mechanisms for collective redress by enabling mass issues to be identified and then resolved by applying generic
solutions to multiple similar individual claims.

- provide an enhanced market surveillance and feedback mechanism that can inform surveillance authorities, traders, and consumers about emerging trends and significant issues (for example, how a car recall might exist in one member state but not others).

If we were to obatin an awawrd then we would investigat the feasibility of the project with associated experts and start to scope the functional requirements.

Target group and social impact
All EU citizens Culture change. Disputed parties will come together to resolve their differences quickly, amicably, cooperatively; to foster redress; and to heal divisions. There will be an economic benefit to the tax payer and greater possibiilties for redress against private sector organisations who exercise inequality in dealing with consumer complaints across the EuroZone. In terms of sustainability, our aim would be to offer a broker service whereby the citizen panel/jury (selected at random) are paid for involvement in cases at the cost of an insurance premium which retailers or businesses pay on an annual basis for the dispute resolution service. For example, consumers may opt to accept the outcome of this service over the judgement of a small claims court.

Competences of the applicant
Project Management (PRINCE-2/Agile) Software Development in societal platforms (e.g. Digital Engagement Consultation EU Projects eDemocracy eParticipation

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

  • Tecnology Category
  • Web/Internet

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    What an interesting idea, there is so much potential for solving individual users' issues, in an inexpensive way.

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks Emmanuel. It also fits with the concept of a unified ombudsman. I hope we get through!