Tax Zapp
 Posted on 26/02/2014 - 12:35
Idea Outline
Simplify Your Income Tax Return - easily create your income tax return on the go!

The Challenge
Nothing is certain but death & taxes! However throughout the world persons fear and dread the creation and submission of their income tax return. Typically an income tax return involves hours wasted of sorting documents & researching reliefs etc and even than persons fear a tax audit as they are never 100% confident their income tax return was created accurately. Tax Zapp provides a solution to the problem and rewards the user with peace of mind, tax compliance but most importantly time saved to spend how they would prefer! Tax Zapp will award users with a better quality of life! We aim to change how people address their income tax return. Provide a simple solution to this age old problem.

The Solution

Tax Zapp provides a time saving service enabling individuals to rapidly organise their everyday tax receipts and auto fill their income tax return, on the go, through an easy-to-use website and mobile app. Our service would allow the user take a photograph of their tax receipt/document, resulting in the appropriate information being auto filled in to the correct section of the user’s income tax return online. The system filters the information and completes the paperless income tax return simply and easily on the go throughout the year, eliminating the fear of the looming tax season and awarding reassurance of an accurately created tax return.

If Tax Zapp were successful in receiving an award it would be used to develop our software and research the competitive market.

Target group and social impact
Persons whom submit annual income tax returns, and their family, will benefit. The potential benefits are: reduced stress, peace of mind, tax compliance, and most importantly the user will save time allowing them to spend this extra time doing things they actually enjoy! Tax Zapp will award them a better quality of life!

Competences of the applicant
Chartered Tax Adviser. Associate of the Irish Tax Institute. 9 years working in the private tax industry specialising in income tax. Founded first business in September 2009.

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