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 Posted on 04/04/2014 - 11:12
Idea Outline
elefunds provides the world’s first dynamic ONE-Click donation software implemented directly into an online shops check-out to let customers round up their purchases and donate to charities of their choice by just one click.

The Challenge
The everage donor is 60 years and older. Only 20% of all donors are between 20 and 40 years old. We see that the taregt group of young people who are the next generation of donors need a new approach to develop a new giving mentality. The reasons why young people avoid donating nowadays are that they don’t want to commit to one charity instead of giving once in a while and to different charities they like. Transparency is the main issue to be willing to donate and trust a charity or sustainable manner. Donating must be as simple as possible, painless,, transparent and we want to see a direct impact. The challenge is to adress new generation donors by inventing easy and high scalable fundraising methods to solve social and enviromental issues.

The Solution

One of the oldest mechanism of doing good is passing change to a stranger. This is what we deliver into digital payments. People can now choose where, when and how to give their change to well known and trustful charities. We concentrate on small amounts and simplicity so there is no reason why not to give. The effort for each donor is very small but the impact of hundreds and thousands of people giving micro donations is impressivly and outstanding . Our social impact is that we see that over 40% of non-donors are willing to round up and give small amounts in a daily context by just one click. Over 15% of all buyers round up their purchases with an everage amount of 1,50€.

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Target group and social impact
The more people give micro donations the more social and enviromental issues may be solved elefunds adresses 4 different target groups. First of all we want to solve social and enviromental issues. Therefore we only work with charitable organisations and projects that have the only focus on making the world a better place. Second, we deliver the easiest and most convenient way to do good in an every day context - while shopping online. Third, online shops see that 3 out of 4 customers have a higher customer lifetime value when sustainability is integrated into the merchants company-DNA. Fourth, charities get a totaly new visibility.

Competences of the applicant
Tim - CEO & Founder Fundraiser, Strategy & Sales | Yannick - CMO Marketing & Finance | Ben - Key Account & Sales | Christian - CTO & Lead Architect | David - Senior Developer & Frontend Design |

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  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement

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  • Mobile
  • Social Software
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    It is not a new idea! Smells like cheating when a company is collecting money for an existing product.....

    It is not a new idea! Ur just posting your excisting idea/start-up here. There is not a real connection the the EU. It is just a competitionhopper, collecting stupid money. Not good and not fair.