ScriptChecker: Intelligent IP Management
 Posted on 26/02/2014 - 20:39
Idea Outline
Intellectual property is essential for the development of new solutions to pressing societal challenges. Our idea will automatically identify when IP is being discussed and alert users to avoid accidental disclosure and trigger protection mechanisms.

The Challenge
Intellectual property (IP) is essential for value generation in research-intensive organisations. IP management consists of identification of new IP and avoidance of premature public disclosures that jeopardise protection. Currently IP is managed via monitoring of communication for new IP or unauthorised disclosures; or through active reporting of incidents by researchers. The former uses expensive resources and is incompatible with email and social media. The latter is hampered by imperfect communication between researchers and their IP support infrastructure. The revolution in communication has outpaced the management of information flow and accidental premature disclosure is now a reality in many organisations, causing a real need for ICT tools that streamline safe communication.

The Solution

Our product, ScriptChecker, will filter sensitive information and alert the author prior to sending the communication, allowing time to remove the relevant phrase. ICT technology has now reached a point where ScriptChecker is a feasible innovation. It will be an unobtrusive, autonomous, intelligent agent that can screen all type written communication. It will allow the identification of commercially sensitive material and so increase the chance of invention progressing to granted patent. A high level of sophistication will allow connecting disparate sources (e.g. e-mails sent at different times) to identify accidental disclosure emerging from the combination of communications. The software will be customisable to the organisation’s policy.

Target group and social impact
ScriptChecker could be of interest to public sector research establishments, universities, private companies and medical research institutes: all of these depend on good IP management for their continuing success. Successful adoption of ScriptChecker will strengthen the competitive position of these organisations, securing jobs and growth for the EU economy. To have impact on society as a whole, institutions have to deliver innovations such as new medical treatments, clean energy sources and tools to combat social exclusion. However without a secure IP position (e.g. patent or confidential knowhow) the private sector will not invest in product/service development. By streamlining IP management ScriptChecker will play a pivotal role in developing the technological solutions of the future.

Competences of the applicant
We are a product development company sitting on the interface between inventors, academia and business, supporting the conversion of new ideas into products and services. Combining technological expertise with a solid grasp of financing mechanisms the team has extensive experience in the electronic engineering, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals sectors, at R&D and commercial roles.

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    This idea addresses a very real problem that is generally treated like the elephant in the corner of the room. This is an approach that will support internal systems and education. So long as it is unobtrusive it will be accepted in the same way a spell checker is widely used today.