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 Posted on 26/02/2014 - 13:30
Idea Outline
A World open-system social platform to confront the current World Order with an integral policy of reform.

The Challenge
“The present day global set of sovereign states is not capable of keeping peace, and it is not capable of saving the biosphere’s non-replaceable natural resources. What has been needed for the last 5,000 years, has become technologically feasible in the last 100, but not yet politically, is a global body politic composed of cells on the scale of the Neolithic-Age village community - a scale on which participants could be personally acquainted with each other, while each of them would also be a citizen of the world state.” --A.J. Toynbee

The Solution

My idea is: not to propose a new standard, but to use an existing one, rebrand it, and use it to develop an open system platform that offers users:
1. an integrated social network with personal id verification and trust referral
2. a world open governance application to:
-define a people's world constitution
-vote it with a world referendum
-confront locally the current national institutions with a world transition agenda legitimized by the global grassroots movement
3. a global plaza with a world open currency
4. Mutual assistance volunteer networks
5. Open knowledge and education
6. a world open spiritual platform for the defining of a new Culture paradigm.
The platform has an explicit objective:
The transition to a global body composed of open, self-sustainable, eco-integrated cells.

Target group and social impact
Human people have to transcend the old-world regional ethnic and cultural inertia that interfere with the now critical, global decision-making processes - and act collectively to safeguard the future of our species on the common planet. Let's call it a Neo-Ethic Revolution, because we need to evolve a new Cultural Ethic Paradigm designed on planetary participation instead of domination, and we need the transition to it to be Open-sourced and Free both on the global and local scale. It's a massive change, and we need the app to be branded and p2p virally distributed through the Internet in order to generate the necessary force momentum.

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