Exploit resource maps in family medicine
 Posted on 07/03/2014 - 16:36
Idea Outline
Promote the emergence of support networks centered on the offices of general practitioners or on health homes, by exploiting, valorizing and extending "resource maps" from a larger integrated directory of social and cultural resources in a city.

The Challenge
A general practitioner of the public health service in a large city can have 1500 patients; usually s/he can count only on the aid of an assistant; we can say that only 2 "resources" must face 1500 "problems"; things should improve, but the challenge remains, when family medicine evolves towards "health homes" integrating the activity of general practitioners and specialists with other services to better take on responsibility of the patient. We have elements of a solution but also a problem: recently we launched the RomaPaese portal (, now becoming the reference directory for resources related to culture, wellness and solidarity in Rome; despite its success in terms of accesses, it is missing the goal of becoming a network of civic sites interacting with the territory.

The Solution

For the "community" of patients of a medical office, create in RomaPaese a virtually dedicated space exploiting the global database and also contributing to its contents. Basically, a community space will result from: making visible only resources related to health and psychophysical well-being; admitting only users resident in a restricted zone, possibly those registered as patients of the medical office; allowing members of the community to suggest and rate known resources in the quarter, to declare one's availability as provider of voluntary help including professional services, to ask for specific help or generic support.
Issues to address: privacy policy, user modeling, UI accessibility for older people, Internet access from medical offices, need for a "mediator" online and de-visu.

Target group and social impact
We started from an idea of Dr. Elena Benigni, general practitioner in Rome, which is writing a doctoral thesis on "Map of health resources of a medical office"; she also made the first attempt to prototype such a "map" on top of RomaPaese. The targets of the proposal include the personnel of the family care services and, more directly, their patients: we aim to enhance their ability to face their own problems and to find solutions by exploiting the resources in the territory that could back up the action of the doctor. The proposed system and its functions should contribute indirectly to the quality and sustainability of the national public health system, by increasing the effectiveness of the family care services and relieving the pressure on hospitals and other specialized structures.

Competences of the applicant
The applicant and the enterprise he represents have experience in: co-design with people from several domains; web applications with databases and GIS; multimedia systems, web layouts for mobile devices. They developed the RomaPaese portal (, including a database of linked "resources" classified and geo-referenced; a blog can be attached to each city zone and each resource, ...

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