Posted on 28/02/2014 - 13:32
Idea Outline
A free to use web site for museums, galleries and other institutions to make professional quality audio-visual tours using only a smart phone & delivering them direct to their guests through a dedicated on location wireless LAN hotspot free.

The Challenge
There's no doubt, education & information is a key stone of social reform, it has been shown in many studies that those that know about the history of their surroundings are less inclined to vandalize or abuse an area than those that have no connection. The question was how to impart that information in today's hi-tech environment simply & at low cost that involved the community. I looked at common denominators across demographics, & what inspires many, top of the lists, smart devices & a good story! That inspired me to create inform-me, a free web based tool for making audio-visual tours using only a smart phone & delivering them direct to a visitors smart device through a low cost, location dedicated, wireless LAN hotspot, starting with museums,galleries & other educational institutions.

The Solution

iNFORM-ME, a free service for those that wish to create audio tours for guests & visitors’ delivered to their mobile devices at no cost. You have people that are the most inspired about projects or items deliver an enthusiastic & knowledgeable audio tour free with little or no capital expenditure. The compiler of an audio tour only needs a smart phone or tablet to record a spoken sound track & take pictures of the items they are informing listeners about, then load those files to the main web site, They then use the online tour builder to add transitions and background music. once compiled they download the file & place it on a dedicated local server (an old computer) with a router at the entrance of their location, visitors can then connect to the inForm-me LAN & download tours for free

Target group and social impact
First stage launch would be to museums, galleries & other educational institutions, giving them the tools to give exhibits a voice, followed by charitable & social enterprises, that could be the local steam railway society to a inner city garden project that wants to convey a message. When someone with a smart device sees an "inForm-me" hot spot sign they can log on & hear from those people that have created a space or project. Descendants & comrades could use inForm-me to give voice to the names on the graves of solders from the great wars, users could be, Country houses, Parks, Gardens, Cemeteries,Town tours, Nature walks, Coast tours, Battlefield tours, Church tours, River tours all compiled by those that have a passion to inspire, we are all curious, inForm-me answers these questions!

Competences of the applicant
I have launched and developed a number of businesses, from a disaster recovery business in the insurance industry to being a franchisor of our own business, after having to take time off for a spinal issue and operation I am now well on the way to recovery, during the immobile years I taught myself to program in CSS and html5.

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    When I first read the intention of the service I could see the benefit to museums and galleries in fiscal savings and being able to create free audio tours, especially with money as it is and for that alone I think it should be pursued, but not the community benefit, but then I read it again and I can see how it will benefit all. I have walked round London for years but it wasn't till I had a relative from Australia visit and I took them on a open top bus tour at their request did I really know what I had been walking past for years! I can even see this simple idea creating an income for those that would make the audio tours with advertising businesses on a tour of London streets alone, They do Jack the Ripper tours now, those guys could post audio tours to compliment their services. All I know is I would use the service if I saw it was available on a day out.

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you for the comments, Ultimately I would like to think inForm-me would be like an "Audio" Wikipedia with anyone that wants to give information about their environment and surroundings to visitors, be that private or commercial would use the service. pjfj