Product Validation Authority
 Posted on 01/03/2014 - 13:50
Idea Outline
Creating a globally recognized product validation service that uses smartphones & social media to expose counterfeit products & protect consumers.

The Challenge
The problem of counterfeit products has moved out of what most of us would recognize, the watches, bags & sunglasses market, into fast moving consumer products & medicines, for the consumer that is buying day to day food & drink means that there is no real way to know what is being purchased. This can now range from alcohol to soft drink, off the shelve medications & car parts! If you take alcohol as a start point, the unknown purchase of counterfeit alcohol can have a devastating effect on a persons life, affecting internal organs & vision. Just as devastating, counterfeit brake or aircraft parts. Why has this happened! the penalties for counterfeiting are minor compared to other criminal acts that can produce equivalent revenue, making it attractive to those that operate outside the law.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem! The unique diamond image with QR code that can be tweeted to us by the purchaser or user as a photo taken with their smart phone to verify any product that carries the diamond image, it can't be copied as each diamond code is unique to that product and item!
We would use the award to develop the software and hardware packages to plug and use for producers.
Upgrade servers and develop the analytic services we will offer producers that use PVA, which is how we intend to monetize our service, plus create and maintain cross platform apps for users.
By creating the income generation from data analysis and marketing data it allows us to offer product manufacturers association costs that relate to their production regardless of size, giving all manufactures access.

Target group and social impact
Any consumer, we use a social media platform to transmit & receive the image of a challenged product, users can just e-mail the image if they wish. We can tell the buyer if its a legitimate product by return, normally less than 30 seconds. If its not legitimate we can tell the buyer that & inform the producer that's being counterfeited the location of the counterfeit product for them to act on. The Diamond image can be implemented on any products by producers with the minimum of additional hardware. A product can also be challenged at any point in its journey from producer to consumer. Counterfeit products damage businesses, divert boarder resources, cheat and endanger the consumer, the advent of smart mobile technology allows every consumer to protect themselves from this plague.

Competences of the applicant
having launched and developed a number of businesses, from a disaster recovery business in the insurance industry to being a franchisor of our own business, and after having to take time off for a spinal issue and operation I am now well on the way to recovery, during the immobile years I taught myself to program in CSS and html5.

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    Another simple QR fix and I agree, it seems mad not to do it. Wish you luck with the development of this one.

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks for the good wishes, its more than just a QR! (cant say more than that at moment) but its what consumers recognise and are comfortable with. it needs a simple approach and simple use to keep it cheap to impliment, that way more producers will use it and more will recognise it. regards James

    This is such a simple idea I find it hard to understand that the manufactures haven't done it! its like have the guy that made it in the shop. I see how the take a picture and send it works, I take it it sends you back a code that's on the product to verify its the real thing! real good use of a social media platform that was till now just a gossip app, Twitter, if you or an employee is reading this, this could be the income generator you need!

    Idea Submitter

    I think manufactures like many others just don't understand the power of mobile technology and how to use it, it is a direct link to the consumer they didn't have before! as to your question, you could get a three point check list back, label on front, etched number on bottle and a code on a third point, so the chance of counterfeits getting it right is in the 100 millions, and each code is only used once, so once issued and sold its dead. (if your using it in a non purchase situation, at a party for instance you would need to use the app!)