That's My Tag
 Posted on 01/03/2014 - 18:51
Idea Outline
That's my Tag was born out of a lost piece of Luggage! My history in insurance claims highlighted the lack of traceability of peoples belongings. So I set out to create a safe free registration service to return found lost items to rightful owners.

The Challenge
Things are lost everyday, in 2013 the cost to airlines was $2.3 billion for lost luggage (report is here ), the reason it's lost, it's not identifiable! the challenge was to create a simple & secure way to identify anything without putting the owners identity at risk, it could be the house keys they lost! Plus once an item was marked you didn't have to change that when the users circumstances changed. By reducing the claims for lost items it reduces the losses for everyone, which in turn reduces costs for all of us.

The Solution

It was an airline losing my suit case that was the driver for "That's My Tag", but it quickly crossed that boarder, I soon realized that the secure tagging system that I developed could be applied to any item in any environment. When you register on "That's My Tag" it allocates you with a unique 16 digit code, that code is all you will ever need on your property to have found items you have lost returned to your door. Free to register, users can print tags direct from their own printer with a QR code for quick finder connection. I would use the award to develop the RFID aspect of "That's My Tag", making it a proactive security tool for peoples belongings, using programed RFID chips to locate and identify items automatically.

Target group and social impact
If our life time we have all lost something, be it mislaid or stolen! It can have devastating effects on many people, you only have to visit lost property auctions to understand the scale of this problem. If items are more liable to have the ability to be identified they are less lightly to be lost, stolen, or kept by the finder!

Competences of the applicant
Having Started and run a number of businesses, from disaster recovery in the insurance industry to franchising our own business, after a number of years of forced sabbatical due to a spinal issue and a major operation to rectify the issue I am well on the road to recovery, during the immobile years I taught myself CSS and HTML5 and embraced mobile technology as my future.

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    Sorry this ide should never ever get funded through the EU! There are solutions for this problem (i.e. ) and we have several mmore quite urgend problems to solve. Minus points are needed here.

    I love this idea, it's so simple but suits the need down to the ground. I also experienced lost luggage and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Great solution!

    Idea Submitter

    I think anyone that has traveled on airlines has had a loss, thanks for the vote. James

    Dan Dare that Irish cheap carrier lost my bag, never got it back and no comp so any thing I can use to protect my property gets my vote!

    Idea Submitter

    This started as a personal little id thing, but everyone I know likes it and uses it now. I would like to do a deal with a major world wide parcel service and explore the asset registering side of the idea as I believe that could be of interest to many.