Monetizing Free Music Downloads for artists income
 Posted on 02/03/2014 - 15:41
Idea Outline
Monetizing free audio downloads so that any artist can create a income from their music or other audio art, creating a platform that empowers artists to be less reliant on main stream media outlets, promoting self management and independence.

The Challenge
It may not appear to many as a problem, but the illegal downloading & low fiscal reward streaming of music on the internet will over time erode the quality of music we hear, If we do nothing about it, then we will be feed a diet of "Talent show" contestants. there are many composers & artists that can no longer make a living from their music. Plus, a major side effect of the free download service is to theoretically sink the music pirate, if there is nothing to sell there is no profit for the pirate.

The Solution

Downloads are monetized using our unique software which attaches multiple 15 second silent marketing images to each song or audio download (Talking Books).
Those silent marketing images display on the mobile player/phone screen each & every time the song or audio plays.Each image uses our unique software to connect to an advertisers web presence. Allowing us to give no cost downloads & still create an income to reward each artists for every download made. Every marketing image that is attached to a song stays with that song until the user removes the song from their player. Each image is a direct link to the advertisers “dedicated offer” link page.
Which means, as long as the listener has the song on their player/phone the link has fresh offers, monetizing by pay per click or per download

Target group and social impact
Anyone that wants to monetize their audio art, be that musicians, comedy artists, play writes (this opens a platform to play writes to engage actors in workshops to perform their works giving them experience, even creating a program series). We continually hear from "The music industry" that the internet will be the end of music as we know it! Music has been with us a lot longer than the industry, The internet has just moved the goal posts for the industry, what is needed is a different approach to how the income is generated from music that's downloaded, from charging at source to continued small rewards, regardless of the route the audio takes to the end user. Given the connection between fans and artists they are also more likely to click through knowing it helps support their artist.

Competences of the applicant
Having Started and run a number of businesses, from disaster recovery in the insurance industry to franchising our own business, after a number of years of forced sabbatical due to a spinal issue and a major operation to rectify the issue I am well on the road to recovery, during the immobile years I taught myself CSS and HTML5 and embraced mobile technology as my future.

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    very big problem (I love music, I have many friends making music)...nice idea...not sure it will break listeners (especially youngsters) are used to a new way of listening music on their smartphone: streaming is taking pace..they prefer to leave their phone's memory free for other downloads (pics, video) might work with other group of listeners (more mature/traditional)...anyway...definitely worth giving this app a chance!!! good luck.!

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you for the comments, You make a good point about streaming, within the whole service streaming is available by way of an online radio station to give all artists a web presence so they can promote gigs and other merchandise direct to the fans, so the streaming side is there, we intend to offer that as a rights free service, then cafe's and other businesses the public use can play the registered artists to their customers with out the need to pay performing rights, by playing the radio feed they are promoting all the registered artists.
    the public can listen as much as they like when they hear an artist they want more from they just click to download or continue to stream
    regards thanks for the good luck,

    As I am thinking of posting here myself I have read all the posts and commented of those where I had something to say, good or bad, there are some real good ideas here that deserve to go on to the next round, but as someone that knows a number of musicians I find this proposal a real winner, I can see it being embraced by all artists that have their digital art copied, It answers the illegal download issues while giving a platform to all artists to publish their work with the chance of generating a direct income. I hear quotes of only 1 in 300 downloads being paid for, this really takes the question of PRS and payments from the 19 century into the 21 st century, the streaming services are paying artists peanuts for millions of plays. Good project deserves support and investigation as it crosses all the "t's" just needs the "i's" doing.

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you for the positive response, I wanted the project to answer the issue of creating and maintaining an income for all artists not just the well known ones! It not only generates income for artists, it gives a platform to all that want to create a career in the arts a place where they can post audio performances, be that music, plays, talking books or comedy, for free and get exposure that creates a income and recognition. I will look out for your project regards