without AIDS education and prevention
 Posted on 06/03/2014 - 18:23
Idea Outline
Our idea is to develop an application that reinforces sexual education programs in educational institutions targeting the issue of HIV AIDS in a manner illustrated in the content of prevention

The Challenge
A 25 years into the HIV / AIDS remain a threat to global public health. More than half of new HIV infections occur in people under 25 years old, and almost 11.8 million young people are living with HIV or AIDS. Around the world, almost 6000 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are infected with HIV every day. It is problematic that must be addressed from the school process, prevention is not only based on condom use is not sufficient tool to support the development of segment of young population in identifying risk and complications that brings hiv . HIV prevention must be triangulated between the sectors of Health, Education and IT, the latter as a fundamental tool to reach a population that associates assimilates, but the same transition from child to teenager

The Solution

In adolescence the contract the virus revealed in a random issue happens without people to achieve important predictor of risk scenario and perform target behaviors to prevent transmission of the virus. HIV transmission occurs as insubordinate as fact emanating conjecture that no matter what you do to get around it, this can happen at any time, remaining this situation to fate or chance. From this perspective, young people are not sufficiently aware of the fact that people can take an active role in the prevention of this disease. Hence part of the idea of ​​building a tool that achieves awareness and somehow that prevention is delivered from school. We point to develop a multimedia digital web and mobile platform high in prevention.

Target group and social impact
The purpose of this project is to reinforce the theme of prevention of HIV in teen population, we want these guys have enough universally freely about the pandemic and the% of infection in this population decays. As we all win social and economic, government, health education and society sufficient to prevent and combat the HIV pandemic tools, part esuferzo multimillion beyond prevention strategies in awareness from the individual from personal

Competences of the applicant
Systems engineer with 13 years experience in the health sector, focusing on innovate and create solutions from my professional profile towards society. Innovation is what distinguishes a leader of the other.

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