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 Posted on 07/03/2014 - 19:14
Idea Outline
To Bridge the information, cultural and language gap between service providers and non Italian speakers in Lecce through the provision of an English language website where local SMEs, associations and informal groups can showcase their services, eve

The Challenge
There are currently a range of tourist information packages, products, services and websites for the non Italian tourists. Such guides celebrate the regions culture, food, history,heritage, geography and provide basic sightseeing and peak seasonal event information. However, there is a Local services and business have an inability to communicate effectively in English. SMEs are limit business potential by promoting services in English. A Lack of clear English language information relating to local public services, cultural groups and investment. Badly translated information is viewed suspiciously by tourists. Lack of English information creates inequality within the community and available information is often incomprehensible, static, and focuses on peak season tourism

The Solution

Infrastructure support service: Strongly branded visual promotion campaign for presenting Puglias’ SMEs and business internationally in English
A team that can bridge both cultural linguistic gaps by accessing information and promoting it clearly through a comprehensive digital convergence strategy.
The development of an information platform for non Italian first language speakers including visitors, residents and immigrants.
Clearly communicated content by experienced English SEO content writers. Increasing the credibility of information, impact, and viral effect.
Infrastructure support bridging the communication and technology gap between local SME’s and visitors/ tourists.
Provide sponsored special featured articles each month supporting local projects and activity

Target group and social impact
Target groups include: Tourists who can access a wider range of alternative itineraries Local SMEs who do not have the budget linguistic, marketing or technological competency to promote internationally Immigrants and Non Italian speaking residents and visitors who lack information in English about public services, groups, courses, support services and social activities and cultural events Information providers ie, local authorities have an English language information sharing porthole Social Impact: Increased income for SMEs Community cohesion, inclusion and participation through the sharing of information and language skills Cross cultural cohesion and integration Improved quality of information about the area

Competences of the applicant
Step is a Graphic Designer and Elaine a Youth and Community worker with a background in participation and infrastructure development. Both have travelled extensively and now live in Lecce and have successfully integrated into the community and speak both English and Italian. They have recognised an information gap and believe they have the skills and experience to support social integration.

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