MoveItt Voice to Motion Mobile Solution
 Posted on 13/03/2014 - 13:02
Idea Outline
The idea is to investigate the potential impact of a mobile application, based on innovative voice to motion technology allowing people with speech, motor and cognitive disabilities to use their voice to regulate a handheld electronic device.

The Challenge
We are living in a moment when technology and ICT play an essential role in the lives of each one of us and the benefits and effects of the Digital Revolution can be felt in all aspects of our lives. One cannot really speak about integration without also including this very important field. The challenge we will deal with in the VoiceItt project is providing an innovative and effective way in which people with special needs can interact with technology and use it as a mean to express themselves and their creativity. The project addresses the needs of approximately 38 million people suffering from speech, motor and cognitive disabilities, limited in their ability to interact with technology, because traditional methods for maneuvering a computer screen are not accessible to them.

The Solution

The technology proposed will entail the creation of an innovative application for mobile devices and computers that will enable people with special needs to control and operate a computer screen more fluidly and without heavy awkward hardware. MoveItt uses prosodic voice features and intonation to capture sound in a continuous mode. Then translates the sound into motion on the screen using the colors of a person’s voice including inflection, pitch, speed, and volume etc. to control a screen. The application will be applied to alternative user experience voice mouse and voice painting as well as educational gaming, therapy, and rehabilitation. This project is the research phase of a more complex project aiming at the creation and presentation of a prototype device using this technology.

Target group and social impact
The applicability of this technology can be extended to people suffering from ALS, CP, Stroke, tumors, Dementia, Down syndrome, Autism, Parkinson, and brain/spinal cord injury. The project addresses the specific needs of both persons with disabilities, and their families and caregivers. The innovative voice to motion technology proposed aims at affording persons with disabilities the opportunity to interact with technology autonomously and outside the confines of their previous capabilities, enhancing their independence, widening the scope of their world, and enhancing their social inclusion. The value of being able to access knowledge in ways that cater to specific needs will additionally foster creativity and improve social inclusion via social media/multiplayer game interaction.

Competences of the applicant
VoiceItt is developing innovative technology with a working prototype and applied 4 patents (pending). The VoiceItt staff are experts in the fields of hi-tech and speech and assistive technology. ANAFI Associazione has experience in collaborating with the public authorities and providing health and social services for children, disabled people and the elderly in Italy and will head the research.

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  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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  • Mobile

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    This project is very important!
    Very often people with disabilities are unable to express themselves.
    What is a better way to express yourself if not by voice?
    paint with it, use it to access the internet, use a laptop and more..
    this technological possibility is priceless and may change the lives of millions!