Worldwide donations to charity without credit card
 Posted on 07/04/2014 - 23:42
Idea Outline
AidApp is the only social contribution app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that allows donations to NGOs billed directly to the donor's cell phone without the need of a credit card.

The Challenge
Donations billed directly to cell phone statements is the most innovative way to donate to Charity. The first time this was used masively was in the Haiti disaster of 2010 where 40 million dollars where collected over a week. In 2012, 245,000 USD where collected in 24 hours from the USA to send to Mexico. In 2013, $2 million dollars where collected for the Oklahoma tornado diaster relief in the USA in 24 hours. This year, 2 million pounds where collected in 48 hours for Cancer relief in the UK. This is expected to grow 900% in five years. However, if your NGO is not the size of the RedCross you will probably never be able to make deals with cell phone operators to collect like this. This is just unfair for the smaller NGOs and we are gong to fix this to enable this mechanism to all NGOs.

The Solution

The technology to bill directly to cell phones is a standard. There is no innovation there. However cell phone operators, pretty much world wide, charge a comission from 60 - 70% of what's billed through their networks; this makes no sense for donations. We will use the funds to negotiate with operators to lower this fee to 5% of even 0%. Operators don't want to deal with many NGOs to disperse donations, so operators just issue one payment to us, and we will disperse it to all the charities using our platform as well as solving legal issues since we are dealing with donations that are not necessarily invoiceable. We package all this is a very neat smartphone app so the user just taps the screen 3 times on his mobile phone, and he has donated a fix amount and then share in social networks.

Target group and social impact
NGOs in europe that require additional funding. It has been studied that donors prefer to donate through mobiles as they want to kee their donations anonymous to NGOs and they want to donate extremely fast upon being exposed to a stimulus to help ( donate ).

Competences of the applicant
Former CEO of software development company for 10 years, sold last year, 70+ employees, millions of USD in sales Negotiated millions of dollars of government/private funding for IT research in Brasil, Chile, Mexico and Finland Apps with millions of downloads worldwide Nominated top innovator under 35 by MIT Tech. Review Serial entrepreneur in board of 4 ventures CEO of this venture, AidApp

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