KAMELEON by Lizardeals - Custom Deals on the go
 Posted on 14/04/2014 - 12:43
Idea Outline
KAMELEON by Lizardeals is a Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows that promotes a GPS real time commercial service for products and services sold ​​by merchants in a specific area and targeted to customers nearby at that time.

The Challenge
The challenge is to socialize real economic and commercial advantages between those who want to sell products at promotional conditions and those who intend to buy discounted products. The vision is to create a new economic environment where sellers and clients can share their respective interests and empower their commercial and purchasing power. Another important feature is the real time opportunity that the merchant has to publish his offer without any intermediate. This gives the chance to the merchant to decide when start to sell a product and decide the right price, that definitely will be the best price for purchasers.

The Solution

The mechanism gears are three: client, dealer and the web-based app that, after registration, allows the two categories of users to interact. On one hand, the client creates its own friendship or business social network and its commercial interest profile and, on the other hand, the seller puts their own business proposals in real time ready to be bought by potential customers directly on mobile with credit card or paypal. All the offers will be listed in specific categories: restaurants, theaters, cinemas, but also clothing shops, food shops, art museums and galleries, event venues, concerts and so on. So, for example, if I'am a business man and I'm in Berlin for a work trip and want to have a nearby dinner, I can start the app, check all the active offers and choose the best for me.

Target group and social impact
Target groups are two: in the first group there are merchants, dealers and shopkeepers that want to promote and sell products in last-minute way nearby their shop or venue; in the second one there are all those people that want to know what they can have around them and probably buy if convenient. The social impact is potentially enourmous and worldwide. The app can work all around the world. It only needs to be promoted and made known with an efficient web and social media communication campaign and with the help of local business organization.

Competences of the applicant
Strong expertise on web and social media tools, in particular for promoting values and qualities of people and organizations. I have been for many years the director of a business school in Rome, and in particular for a master in web and social media marketing and communication, which has professionally prepared several young graduates .

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    Great idea, the future is now!

    I think it's a good opportunity for those merchants that need to reach people around them immediately and without any intermediates. Good idea!

    Great Idea!!! Hope you'll have great success.

    Usefull and performant!!

    great idea! very useful app for smart buyers, and an interesting environment for widening sellers' opportunities