CRiSSY – Contagion Risk aSSessment sYstem
 Posted on 18/03/2014 - 22:47
Idea Outline
A real-time risk assessment tool for prevention and control of mobility-driven contagious diseases.

The Challenge
Mobility-driven contagions are emergencies in developing countries: in 2012 malaria caused an estimated 627 000 deaths, mostly among African children (WHO). Can the digital revolution help reducing such a risk for human health? YES! Recent studies demonstrated that mobile phones data can plot malaria risk (Wesolowski et al., Science, 2012) and support malaria elimination planning (Tatem et al, Malaria Journal, 2014). We propose a mobile tracking system for real-time contagion prevention and control.

The Solution

Spatially explicit human mobility data can be used for epidemic outbreak prediction and control. The following tasks are planned: 1) find partners (regional authorities, universities, IT developers, NGOs, etc); 2) develop a prototype system; 3) test the technology. The CRiSSY system will consist of a contagion dynamics model including: A) human mobility tracking by mobile phones data, B) case-specific vector dynamics (monitoring data or models). The results of the model (risk maps) will be used to alert the population (e.g. mobile app or sms service) and to support the implementation of risk-specific prevention and management strategies.

Target group and social impact
The technology intends to reduce the mortality risk associated with mobility-driven diseases in infected regions of the world, by supporting real-time evaluation of population exposure risk during epidemic outbreaks. The system can be applied to control malaria (mosquitoes-borne) or other diseases such as cholera (water-borne), depending on the case-specific vector model.

Competences of the applicant
The team includes a scientist and an engineer with research experience in computational geosciences.

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    I definitely like the idea! The problem is very actual (Ebola just spread in Africa!) and this idea can really help risk prevention and management. We live in a "digital world", but there is a need for really USEFUL digital innovations like this!