Beep Up. The talking city!
 Posted on 24/03/2014 - 18:48
Idea Outline
Are you a tourist or a citizen walking around the city? Are you trying to find point of interest? Beep Up, it’s made just for you! Automatic notice, up-to-date information, social networks interaction and a user community @ your service.

The Challenge
How do you plan your trips? Four-Pillars-Hotel say that 85% of travellers use their own smartphone abroad. Internet is the best source of information for travel planning. Beep Up (BU) is a gather information on local customs and European cultural heritage, where people can easily find the information needed. BU’s main challenge is to launch a new way to discover the city: tourists and citizens select their own fields of interest avoiding early planning and, while strolling, they can follow customized routes based on their own preferences. Data derived from different sources is automatically updated and embedded in BU, which facilitates users’ needs. Furthermore, BU enables users to interact with social networks, that play a primary role in the story-telling of their experience.

The Solution

BU is an app that adds value to territorial artistic, cultural and environmental resources, especially in the less popular zones. BU provides tourists and citizens with a new way to experience the city. BU differentiates from other applications because users don’t need to search for information since BU automatically alert them through a “beep” when they are next to an interesting point, selected on the basis of users’ preferences.BU gathers information derived from different sources like Google, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor and local organization for territorial promotion as well as social media. BU’s strong point is that information comes in real time and from the latest and best sources. From stakeholders needs BU will be designed in a scalable, multilingual, adaptive and responsive way.

Target group and social impact
BU is a flexible tool with a friendly user interface that provides tourists and citizens with a new way to enjoy the city. BU supplies people with highly customized information. Specific needs, such as disabilities and food intolerances, are addressed with ad-hoc solutions in order to make the city accessible and friendly. Lack of accessibility and disability-oriented services usually create a gap between generic and disabled users. In this sense, BU is a tool of social inclusion, since it provides similar services independently of the specific user. BU enables city services and cultural heritage to be available, accessible and easy to use. Given its flexibility and wide range of applicability, including tourism, BU is both socially and economically sustainable.

Competences of the applicant
We are a team of IT professionals composed of engineers (Telecomunication, Medical and Computing Science), economists and project managers, each one with different professional experiences and backgrounds. We are currently involved in the development of internet-based services supporting the Smart City creation process. We have just one aim: to innovate with passion!

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    What people actually need around the world! Looking forward to see it accomplished.

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    great presentation, well explained and realistic.