LEaRN - Live Education and Rethink (k)Nowledge
 Posted on 19/03/2014 - 19:27
Idea Outline
LEaRN aims to create a world where knowledge is “open” and accessible to everyone, challenging undeclared work and valuing skills. Multi-channel education is provided, overcoming temporal, spatial and digital boundaries.

The Challenge
Societal challenges that LEaRN faces are tax evasion and unemployment. As described in NESSE report (attached), tutoring industry is a growing employment source in the EU, as well as a means to get additional incomes, which are often undeclared. Tutoring market is huge: 2.2 B€/year in France, 1.5 B€ in Germany, 0.5 B€ in Italy, etc. The main idea is to advantage unemployed, occasional workers (especially the young) valuing individual skills and confronting unemployment, which is about 12% in EU. Such economical resources could be, instead, used to enhance EU investments in the socio-economic field. Living Lab sessions, with the involvement of educational world, Public Administrations and financial police bodies, have confirmed the need of such a tool, both at a local and EU level.

The Solution

LEaRN is an Internet based platform that encourages an innovative educational methodology in various fields. Knowledge and skills can be spread and shared in groups or one-on-one meetings online, offline or domicile through social network and gaming approaches. LEaRN platform has a user-friendly customized interface, where every module is improved mashing-up specific contents from different sources (e.g. FB, Wiki, YouTube, papers and newspapers). Meetings between students and whoever is skilled in a particular field are managed by LEaRN through web collaboration tools (virtual classes, chats, webinars). Users provide feedbacks on contents and tutors, creating a tutor ranking. Furthermore, users can pile-up virtual coins obtaining additional features (new contents, premium services, etc).

Target group and social impact
LEaRN is a self-sustainable Web platform whose main beneficiaries are students, tutors and government bodies. Students can exploit a wide, up-to-date, dynamic and customized educational path, choosing their own tutors based on objective criteria thanks to the LEaRN community feedbacks, giving up on the word of mouth. Tutors role can be covered by anyone who is unemployed or is a university student. In this way, tutors could get revenue legally and, at the same time, share and spread their own skills and knowledge worldwide. Finally, government bodies can have several benefits due to the decreasing of moonlighting and tax evasion, which is a widespread and still growing issue in the EU. Money regained could be used to improve socio-economic and educational policies in the EU Member States

Competences of the applicant
LEaRN team covers the whole set of skills necessary to develop the project. Web programmers and software engineers take care of the technological part, economists and management engineers care about sustainability and project management aspects, Public Admin experts deal with public bodies and marketers are LEaRN’s voice towards general public. So, what’s our main skill? That’s easy: ENTHUSIASM!

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Economic Empowerment and Prosperity
  • Knowledge Society and Education
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

  • Tecnology Category
  • Audiovisual
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile
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    Very attractive idea! Useful management of huge amount of information that we have sounds very good for social needs.

    It seems a great idea but quite challenging , Looking fwd to see a practical implementation, it definitely points in the right direction. See for example how has changed the way you look for a tradesman to imagine what' s the impact Learn could have. Good Luck

    Looks a quite interesting idea to redefine educational systems. Despite the description being brief, it sounds fascinating for various aspects.
    Rethink knowledge innovatively is one the main challenges of the European educational system.
    A very intersting aspect is the Living Lab approach you cited in the challenge description.
    The basis look good, looking forward to seeing the future developments.

    Sounds good and useful. Maybe ambitious, but... if you have got plenty of enthusiasm, you can explore this kind of service