Pharmawizard - The Digital Pharma Awareness
 Posted on 21/03/2014 - 20:10
Idea Outline
Pharmawizard is a web/mobile solution for search, comparison and "smart" purchase of drugs and an innovative marketing tool that allows pharma companies to promote and sell better their products.

The Challenge
Challenge: Citizen side: Information on drugs are fragmented and non-official; Lack of knowledge and awareness about drugs, and particularly on generics; Purchase in excess of drugs even when not needed; Self-medication improvised and suggestions from friends. Pharma industry side: Little culture of digital marketing on the part of market players pharma, "Patent Cliff" ; Growth of equivalent and generics drugs, Liberalization and deregulation in the industry by the European Commission and each national Government. Pharmawizard provide credible information and management models useful to those citizens who are seeking a more aware and direct relation with medication

The Solution

Pharmawizard is able to
1) Meet the need for information about drugs:
All information leaflet,
Search in a simple and intuitive software through a natural language recognition

2) Make more informed choice of a drug:
The comparison between a drug equivalent, a drug of the same therapeutic class and the brand
The comparison between the therapeutic indications and interactions between multiple drugs and price comparison

3) The localization of the drug sought:
Availability of the drug sought in pharmacy closest to your location.
Opening hours, shifts and useful Information on "how to get the drug"

4) The management of the use and consumption of drugs:
Virtual locker
Warnings about when and how to take medications

Target group and social impact
The target group will be all the citizens who will have to Inform their self or buy drugs between the ages of 20 and 50 years who have a smartphone and can access Internet. In this target a particular attention will be given to mothers with young children, people with disabilities and the elderly, as there will be developed special features and services dedicated to them.

Competences of the applicant
The Team of Pharmawizard will be composed by Managers with deep experience on management consulting, digital marketing and project mgmt, in mature companies and startups in the ICT and Healthcare industry. Pharmacists and doctors. Architects and developers on web and mobile applications. Web semantic and NLP experts

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    It 's a useful and excellent idea

    this is absolutely the best idea I've ever seen!

    Really compliments!

    i think it's one of the best idea ever!!!

    wow, good idea. GL

    Very wornderful and useful idea.

    Is a good idea, because it is very useful in situations where you can not ask of qualified persons.

    Good Idea!!!!!!!!

    This project buys votes. They are cheating, just watch amazon mechanical turk, just a joke this competition.

    Idea Submitter

    Source are Open Data and/or Official data from the Health Agency of each Nation. Not everyone knows this, but the data relating to the drugs on the market, consisting of leaflets, are and should be public information and available to all citizens. The problem is to collect them and organize them in an intelligent way. Pharma wizard does this.

    Idea Submitter

    Maintenance and updating of data is done by the same company that provides them to health agencies. It 's all the public and notified to the authority of the privacy and compliance with the law.

    I am a bit sceptical, too.

    What is the source of medical information that will included in this app? Who is responsible for what will be 'communicated to the public?

    Muy Útil y Creativa.... Muchas Felicidades por la idea.....

    Good Idea and good work.

    Not only this idea is much needed since the space is highly underdeveloped, but it could help me figure out which medicine to use for my cold and also save me money and time with a quick answer. Great, much needed app. Sure big hit!

    App really nice and helpful!!!

    Great idea! :)

    Great idea! :)

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    Bella iniziativa. finalmente posso avere un armadietto dei miei medicinali.

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    innovative and intelligent!great idea!

    Great idea!

    Good idea

    App really nice and helpful!

    Esta aplicacion deveria ser muy buena y muy util para conocer mas sobre los medicamentos que nos tomamos y la importancia que tiene su adecuado uso...
    Me gusta mucho la idea...

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