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 Posted on 22/03/2014 - 19:44
Idea Outline
To develop a self sustaining training programme where people with few opportunities are trained as E- Bike mechanics, Local Bike tour Guides, Geneology ( Family History). The project is a Tourism project with hands -on training.

The Challenge
To give sustainable skills to people using their sustainable resources such as local landscape culture and heritage. To provide opportunities to people who have a need to re-skill in areas which are sustainable and marketable. To provide opportunities from local resources in local areas so as to sustain rural populations.

The Solution

Develop a rural tourism E-Bike Hire and Tour project. This will provide sustainable work for local people in their home area. The training in Bike mechanics, Tour guiding and Family Tree research will provide useful and usable skills to people who may have to leave their home area in order to find poorly paid and unskilled work. This type can be replicated many times over in all sorts of different locations. Tourism is a sector that can target any area, these training opportunities will provide unique opportunities for work that people would not have had in their local area. As well as gaining marketable and sustainable skills the people develop a sense of pride in their locality and a sense of value in themselves.

These skills will then be used in a self sustaining tourism project.

Target group and social impact
People with less opportunities who have struggled in mainstream education and who can get left behind by the system very quickly if they do not find something that motivates them,. Thus giving them pride in themselves and in their local community. Thi and s group sometimes known as NEETs struggle with life and sometimes are not able to fully avail of or see value in opportunities provided for them by outside agencies

Competences of the applicant
I am the founder of several community development projects and see all these issues at first hand. I am keen to develop this model as it is sustainable, uses local resources and can be easily replicated in any community. I have a BA and Master in the area of Community Development/Social Enterprise and feel this is a community solution for a community problem.

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  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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