Rollin' art
 Posted on 24/03/2014 - 18:29
Idea Outline
A web/mobile app to value street artists and give them visibility, better manage and requalify public spaces, engage general public and make art and culture more integrated with daily city life. Rollin’ art. We can be artists. Not just for one day.

The Challenge
The development and promotion of street art could be a great opportunity for artists, which carry undeserved negative stereotypes and are perceived as producing low quality art, in comparison to mainstream performance groups. Street art deserves to be recognized as a professional vocation, contributing to cultural and social development and promotion of the territory. This project aims to foster a dual mechanism: first, the quality of street performance improves by recognizing new professionals, enabled by general public evaluation. Second, citizens can enjoy daily entertainments, give feedbacks and require specific performances via the platform. In this way, art would not be directed just towards a specific and elitist audience, but it would become an integral part of everyday life.

The Solution

Rollin’ art is a web/mobile application to value street art mapping city’s public spaces and creating designated areas to be booked by registered artists. Area booking is possible depending on availability, compatibility of the space, volume level and the kind of artist performance. The platform creates a calendar enabling artists to promote events to the general public. During the performance, the nearby audience can vote for the artist by accessing the app, geolocating his/her position which also displays the artists’ location. The most voted artists have the opportunity to perform in sought after locations at peak times and receive b&b, hotel and restaurant discounts supporting artists travelling to work in other cities. Call 1 award would cover marketing and prototype costs

Target group and social impact
The artist is the direct beneficiary of social and professional recognition. Rollin’ art showcases the artists and their work by integrating and enhancing the architectural heritage of the city. The application consists of an infrastructure supporting service in response to artists needs. The public benefits educationally and culturally through the offer of free daily performances of diverse art forms. Public Administration (PA) benefits through the introduction of positively perceived street culture, quality control and thus reducing associated problems. Even commercial activities benefit from the increasing number of passers-by attracted by artists. The starting point would be the city of Lecce as a pilot case, but the aim is to promote Rollin’ art as a best practice at European scale.

Competences of the applicant
We are a multidisciplinary team made of economists and engineers. The economists cover market analysis and innovative business model development. The engineers have in charge the service design and platform implementation using the best technologies. We use Living Lab approach to co-create solutions with relevant stakeholders; in this case: PA, artists, citizens and accomodation facilities.

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    It 'a great idea to enhance the art of the street and turn it into an asset for the citizens. Congratulations!

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks for your kind words. We are working to make it real