My Event. Shrink your time, strecht your network!
 Posted on 25/03/2014 - 19:44
Idea Outline
Planning tools, social network interactions, new events alerts, visitors geolocation, customized agenda, push notifications, chatting groups, analytics. All you need to know concern an event or a fair. MyEvent. Shrink your time, stretch your network!

The Challenge
The 12th UFI Global Exhibition Barometer Report declares that the fair market has grown in 2013 and will follow the same trend in 2014. The diffusion of smartphones is a key factor and generates high expectations to access event contents. In this context MyEvent (ME) comes in handy as a mobile tool to promote event contents. ME is the instrument to allow events management, planning meeting while minimizing environmental impact by reducing the usage of leafleats. Being networking one of the main reasons to partecipate to an event, ME encourages the relationships and enables the maintainance of direct contacts between participants creating a community for lasting relations and for a better dissemination of information.

The Solution

ME is a solution for event organizers and participants. ME collects national and international events in just one app, removing the annoiance of uninstalling it when the event is over, since it always contains up-to-date information. The main functions for organizers are: management and analytic tools, QRCode Registration and visitors matching functions. Furthermore, visitors can use handy planning tools, social network interactions, visitors geolocation and tools like chatting groups, push notifications and personal agenda. In particular, the geolocation and bluetooth functions enables participants to easily interconnect before and during the event. Google Analytics are embedded, allowing the supply of detailed statistics the organizer can use to improve the subsequent events.

Target group and social impact
The target market of MyEvent consists of two categories: events organizers (fairs, exhibitions, conventions, etc.) and participants (visitors and exhibitors). Its standard structure leads to reduce costs while preserving an easily customizable interface depending on the event promoted. MyEvent facilitates and supports organizers’ tasks, collecting all the event information in a single mobile application. Furthermore, the participants have access to up-to-date information for planning their meetings, avoiding wastes of time and be more likely to enjoy the event productively. MyEvent can be also used after the event due to its community, in order to notify participants with new events in users’ fields of interest.

Competences of the applicant
We are a multidisciplinary group of IT professionals composed by economists, engineers and project managers focused on technological solution development for smart city planning using the living lab approach.

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