Mom and son
 Posted on 30/03/2014 - 22:47
Idea Outline
Parents are not born: parents they become. “Mom and son” is an app that gives support to the parents day by day, with different kind of tips (medical, feeding, hygenical), especially during the first year of their child's life.

The Challenge
“Mom and son” is structured as a calendar and a personal diary, starting not January 1st, but from the day of birth of the baby. Every day the mom receives tips and simple recipes, checks calendars of vaccinations and other useful advices like medical, hygienic and dietetic. This period, usually delicate and difficult, will be funnier and stimulated by different functionalities. The added value of the app is the importance given to the emotional sphere, offering the functionality of drawing up a diary, noting feelings , moods, child's progresses, attaching photos and videos directly from smartphone. At the completion of the first year of the mother will have the daily story of one of the most intense periods of their life.

The Solution

The app is divided into 6 sections interacting each other, and contributing to make the final diary.
1.Diary: the main section, is structured as a diary page.The mom can take notes about her and her child, filling the story with pictures and videos.
2.Album: contains photos and videos.It will be connected to social networks or mail accounts.
3.Utilities: the “everyday tools” with trends of weight or highness, calendar of vaccines, schedule of meals and so on.
4.Arguments: the scientific section, written by a team of medical professionals, will be divided by topic in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the child's life both from a pedagogical and clinical point of view.
5.Stories: the section where to collect life stories about the relationship between mom and child.

Target group and social impact
The medical contents of the app will give the chance to avoid non-necessary medical expenses (for brief consultations for example), giving to every mom an added priceless professional support 24 hours per day. Moreover, with this app the delicate first year of the baby will be funnier for the parents, thanks to the emotional aspect and the different interactive functionalities. The first version, released in 2 months, will be in Italian. In Italy, 511,430 children were born in 2013; same amount is expected for 2014 and 2015. Almost 90% of italians between 16 and 40 years use a smartphone. This means that moms potentially targeted by the app in 2014 and 2015 will be 373,000 per year (90% of 511,430) The second release in English will target over than 5mil of moms per year

Competences of the applicant
I’m studying communication sciences after a Master degree at the Roman School of Photography in photojournalism, advertising and post-production. In 2011 I became Head of Communication and Marketing of Fiuggi Family Festival;I’m also involved in politics and working in ideations for Save the Cut. In the app environment I’m recently working as marketing manager for the startup seiservito

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