Homeless QR Code Challenge
 Posted on 26/03/2014 - 12:10
Idea Outline
Use QR codes to increase donations to homeless charities by increasing visibility of the issue & giving more giving reassurance that the money is being well spent, while directly aiding individual homeless people.

The Challenge
Homelessness is a big issue. In the UK there 185,000 people are now affected each year. Almost one in 10 people experience homelessness at some point in their life, with one in 50 experiencing it in the last five years. Rough sleeping has risen this year by 6% in England & 13% in London. An estimated 3 million people are homeless in Europe. Homelessness costs London alone £38.9m a year in lost economic development & is a high cost to justice & healthcare budgets, & a much higher toll in human lives. However, money contributed by the public to beggars is often spent on & drugs, causing ill health & death. Plus most rough sleepers don't beg & most beggars aren't rough sleepers. How can we get the donations to the charities instead?

The Solution

Homeless shelters will issue a QR code badges to homeless people.

This person will then have the option to host promotional market stalls in towns, shopping centres & events.

But instead of money changing hands, the public will be invited to scan the QR code.

This will bring up a mobile-optimised site that allows quick & easy donation via a bank card or Paypal account.

The donations will go directly to the homeless shelter.

The QR badge holder will be given shelter & food. The donation will contribute to the shelter running costs & will pay for training & support sessions for homeless people.

The homeless person gains shelter, food and support, & opportunities to socialise, learn social skills & build up their CV.

Target group and social impact
Primarily this will benefit homeless people. They will be able to service & end their homelessness much quicker than currently thanks to this streamlined approach. Immediately they will be protected from living on the streets. They will also gain skills that make them more employable, reducing the risk of reoccurring homelessness. If they have children, they will be safer and gain better life chances. Wider society will also benefit as less money will do to beggar who use it to pay drug dealers and illegal loan sharks. The project could reduce welfare, healthcare, policing and justice costs. It will also ensure that generous donations are used for the most productive way to alleviate suffering.

Competences of the applicant
10 years working in Citizens Advice Bureau and other welfare support organisations. Extensive links with homeless charities in Manchester, Derby, Leeds, Liverpool and London. Close relationship with nationwide marketing and communication specialists. Close relationship with IT specialists.

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