On-line Computer Game For Public Debt Reduction
 Posted on 02/04/2014 - 15:03
Idea Outline
An on-line educational computer game showing the necessity and ways for public debt reduction in EU members. In a simulated economy, over next 50 years, the player will choose measures and see their impact on public debt and political popularity.

The Challenge
Our idea is a reaction to growing public debt in most of EU members resulting in recent crises. It also reflects demographic forecasts for the next 5 decades that will put additional pressure on the public finance sustainability (in Slovakia public debt would rise to 379% of GDP by 2062). The potential public finance crises may threaten democracy, kill jobs, strengthen extremism and deepen poverty. The politicians are many times reluctant to adopt good but unpopular measures to curb the debt. To change this, it is crucial that the public understands these threats, supports right measures and responsible politicians, not populists. It is particularly important to get this message to the young generation that will actually bear the biggest burden of accumulated debt.

The Solution

We will create an on-line computer game that will show the necessity as well as the alternatives for the reduction of public debt in all EU members. The player will choose a country and, in a simulated economy, over next 50 years, he/she will year-by-year choose from a pre-defined set of measures and see their impact on public debt, economy, and his/her political popularity. The simulation of public debt will be based on official Ageing Group (AWG) forecasts for the next 50 years for all EU members. The game goal will be to reduce the public debt to sustainable levels. We have chosen a funny way - computer game - to attract the public and especially the young generation. It will be possible to use the game for entertainment as well as in the education at secondary and tertiary facilities.

Target group and social impact
Target groups: Voters, Teachers and Students at secondary and tertiary education facilities, Politicians. Social impact: The players will better understand the threat of growing public debt in EU countries both in the short and the long term. The voters will be more willing to accept measures necessary to curb the debt. They will also be more supportive of responsible politicians and more resistant to populist proposals. The teachers and students will get a tool to practice the impact of selected measures (e.g. changes in taxes, expenditures, structural reforms) on the economy, public debt and political stability. The students will learn about demography and public debt projections for the next 5 decades. The politicians will be less prone to populism and more to real solutions.

Competences of the applicant
INEKO operates internet portals evaluating Slovak primary and secondary schools, financial health of all municipalities and internet calculator of public finance stability. We are the only organization in Slovakia that publishes the school rankings and the municipality financial health rankings. We created a simplified version of a game for taming the public debt in Slovakia (see uploaded image).

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