Posted on 29/03/2014 - 12:58
Idea Outline
Spreadtutorial is a innovative, social elearning Plattform. Learning was always a social process. Elearning is watching videos and reading texts. We want to bring the social aspect to elearning. People create together new learning content.

The Challenge
Elearning is a massive and growing topic in learning. But unfortunately there is no platform where I can participate in learning. Most of the MOOCS and learning platforms only over comment fields (some do not even this). We want to work with the idea of social collaboration (like Wikipedia) that everybody can contribute in the process of learning and teaching. If there are wrong Videos, the other user needs to have the opportunity to replace them with new or better ones. Learning with videos is the most effective way of learning. But videos have some disadvantages, like hard to replace, hard to search for content and complicated to extend.

The Solution

Basic element of our concept are microtutorials (videos up to 3 minutes). They are fast and easy to produce. Everyone can build a course from microtutorials, either his own produced microtutorials or already existing microtutorials.
In 3 minutes you can teach much more than you think. And if it is really not enough you can distribute your topic in smaller topics and make the special content even easier to find.
The attention span for full attention is only some minutes. So you have always a little break, where you can think about what you just heard until you continue. You can also decide to go deeper in this topic and watch some other videos until going back. We want to offer a platform where people learn what they want to learn in a short and effective way. Follower, PM, Comment, Tagging

Target group and social impact
Our target group is very big. We are open for nearly all topics. Varying in level from university to "household". In every area where is a need of learning there will be somebody to produce it. With only 3 minute videos there is not a big internet bandwidth necessary, so it is also for mobile or areas with bad connections possible to use. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia but we want people to teach each other. The social impact is massive everyone can learn everything and even teach everything.

Competences of the applicant
We already have a team with close to 20 people. David Friedmann CEO: doing his doctor thesis in sociology (working on this project since 2 years) Werner Hoffmann CTO: doing his bachelor thesis in computer science (topic educational data mining) Max Maurer CMO/CFO: degree in business, serial entrepreneur Furthermore we have 2 designer, 2 webdev, 2 dev, 1 app programmer, 1 marketing ...

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