MindTheFridge - Stop food waste, get healthy!
 Posted on 23/05/2014 - 18:10
Idea Outline
MindTheFridge is a mobile app that lets you to buy food directly inside stores, manage it in order to reduce food wasting and get healthy mediterranean recipes suggestions according to what you have at home.

The Challenge
1) Every year Billion tons of food and Billion euros are wasted. 2) Any food thrown in the trash is a money saving failure! So we need something to manage domestic food resources in order to reduce wastes. 3) People like to learn how to eat more healthy in a funny way. What's better than a good mediterranean recipe from the most important food blogs and italian chefs? Mind The Fridge combines social utility with health and fun.

The Solution

MTF integrates features that help people to manage food life cycle, from purchase by using the integrated barcode scanner and mobile payment features, through a virtual fridge management, to the consumption. Buying products with your mobile device lets you to store and manage essential information about what you have in your fridge/pantry/freezer. You can get expiration date alerts and also custom healthy Mediterranean recipes suggestions according to what you have at home. So, reduce domestic food waste and get healthy!
We are now negotiating with some of the most important Italian supermarket chains. We've already developed the frontend mobile app, but we still have to develop all the backend app. in order to proceed. We're now building the website and making a video to spread onthe web

Target group and social impact
With MTF people can reduce domestic food waste drastically, saving money, getting health and having fun! Without considering: less garbage and less pollution... Furthermore, MTF is a great way to gain customer loyalty.

Competences of the applicant
Me: Fabrizio, founder and mobile dev. Gabriella, merchandiser and retailer expert. Marco, biz and marketing expert and then, Luca, expert in Graphics and social media strategies. We are incubated in the Technological Incubator of Florence and in Oct 2013 we won the Social Innovation Camp contest, organized by Impact Hub Firenze. It is an acceleration program that provided us 20k of equity financ.

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