Miles & money; biking, walking and shopping
 Posted on 15/04/2014 - 10:40
Idea Outline
City bikers and walkers can gain miles and use them in order to have discounts. Reaching specific score targets, cumulated miles could be converted in price reduction in city stores.

The Challenge
The general aim is to promote biking and walking as a way to improve quality of life and sustainable transport. In cities, the usage of cars is becoming no more sustainable due to the time and gas/money needed to cover few miles, not considering environmental pollution. So, why do citizens still drive cars, also for short distance in a city? Maybe just for cultural retention and habit. In order to overcome these mental barriers and to start a life style change, day by day challenges must be provided to citizens, giving the chance to achieve tangible benefits by introducing a mechanism for money gaining (i.e. store discounts). Besides, this could also help local economy; city stores, joining the initiative, could attract citizens through challenges and discounts as marketing tools.

The Solution

The solution proposed consists of a system based on foot/bike speed and gps relevator devices that collect and transmit city routes covered by a user through a specific App installed on her/his smartphone. The App will interact with a central application (web-based) that keeps track miles that users run walking and/or cycling around the city. These miles could be converted in special discounts to be spent in stores supporting the project; the application manages specific mile-discount conversion rate depending on the store sponsorship profile, but also on other possible strategies (e.g. location based; number of times the user has visited a store). Besides, stores will increase their reputation, within the project site, depending on the number of miles "exchanged" and the users visits.

Target group and social impact
The system produces benefits for all people working and living in cities, for several reasons. Citizens: - it reduces cost of life - it gives the opportunity to take care of her/his own health. Municipality: - it improves quality of air - it supports sustainable transport habits. Store owners: - it increases the number of potential new customers. - it provides a new instrument for marketing and advertise strategies.

Competences of the applicant
I`m an Electronic engineer and I`m working with ST Microelectronics as senior digital designer and firmware developer of non volatile memory interface inside microcontroller devices. In the past I joined Intel in Folsom (California) and Freescale in Austin (Texas). Experienced on Linux system and network administration and on (web-based) software development and sensor based systems

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