Posted on 22/05/2014 - 09:10
Idea Outline
RiseApp is a mobile App to share and publish media in risky situations (protests and manifestations) when Internet connectivity is filtered or temporarily blocked . It is privacy aware, it is based on ad-hoc networks and TOR. See

The Challenge
Many people are forced to rise up to defend or obtain democracy. In many cases their protests have been violently repressed and it is extremely important to share the evidence of what is happening. One way is to publish pictures, video, audio and any other media that can let the world know that there is a protest, and that a regime wants to silent it with violence. For this reason Internet connection is often filtered or blocked during a protest, and when people get arrested their phones are destroyed together with their media. Even when contents get published and reach the Internet, regimes that monitor social networks will strike back against the activists that published the media on-line. RiseApp wants to achieve the maximization of media diffusion and the safety for the publisher.

The Solution

RiseApp is a mobile app to share and publish media in risky situations (protests, manifestations) when Internet connection is filtered/blocked. It's privacy-aware and based on ad-hoc networks and TOR. It has two features: the first is the ability to anonymously exchange media between phones via direct wireless communications. You take pictures, keep the phone in you pocket, when anybody with the app walks close to you, you share media with him. This lowers the chance that media is lost/destroyed before being published. The second is the use of TOR (the onion routing, the first phone that reaches Internet access will safely upload all the gathered media avoiding filters, censorship and preserving his anonymity. I created the site with more details.

Target group and social impact
RiseApp is critical for all the people that are fighting for their rights. We have seen how powerful is the Internet to let the world know that there is a protest, but also to let the activists themselves organize their movement and reach their goals. That's why regimes try to filter the access to the internet and track on-line activities to find and hit the activists. We have seen this happening in the Arab Spring, in Ukraine, and recently in Turkey, just to name a few. RiseApp will help in those critical situations where people can get arrested, do not have immediate access to the internet, and risk their life publishing contents online. RiseApp can do this using TOR, that so far has shown to be the only NSA-proof technology, and ad-hoc networks that are localized and private networks.

Competences of the applicant
I'm a supporter of copyleft, open-source and freedom of expression, active in the Italian hacking/open-source/privacy movement since the early 2000s. I'm one the founders of the Wireless Community Network in Florence, I hold a Ph.D. in computer science and a Marie Curie grant. I work at the University of Trento on ad-hoc networks. More info: or

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  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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    I' be been working with peace and reconciliation since 2010 in Palestine, Albany, Greece and Italy. I think that's a great idea, and I will do my best in this remaining hours to let my contacts know your work! By your side you have to believe this could happened!! Compliments and go ahead!!! Miriam

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks Miriam!
    drop me an email when the selection is over, i hope i will need contacts from people really involved on the field!

    Sure I will! Good luck! Blessings. Miriam

    Idea Submitter

    RiseApp passed the open call! please, contact me, i'd like to have as much feedbacks as i can for the preparation of the third open call! find my contacts in

    Awesome idea, hope it will spread! Congratulations!

    Great Idea!!
    The right to freedom of information is a major global challenge.

    Big idea sourced from a smart mind !

    Like many great ideas RiseApp is simple and genial.
    I Keep my fingers crossed for you that your idea works out!

    Speriamo bene!

    Grande idea, molto utile in situazioni di limitazione, cronica o temporanea, della libertà di informazione !
    Buona fortuna !!

    break a leg!

    The ability to safely, privately and anonymously send information is a fundamental human right, because without this ability, corruption and dictatorships will continue.

    Great idea, I hope your project will be founded because starting with a things like this we can try to resolve this problem, very relevant nowadays than ever.
    I think that the project presentation is very well done, you have all my support.

    Good luck!

    Complimenti , buona idea. Auguri

    Bellissimo progetto che chiunque abbia a cuore la libertà di informare ed informarsi dovrebbe sostenere

    Che bel progetto, l'ho votato volentieri, ti auguro e mi auguro che diventi realtà.
    Monica R. Bedana.

    In bocca al lupo!

    in bocca al lupo io ho votato :)

    il nome è a dir poco geniale!
    E trovo l'iniziativa degna di un mondo che aspira ad una umanità più reale attraverso forme di denuncia libere.
    Bravi, vi supporto!
    Spero riuscirete a farcela!


    Speriamo tu la possa realizzare al più presto!!!!

    Idea Submitter

    Grazie ragazzi per gli incitamenti!

    Thanks everybody for the support!

    An app very useful

    A must have!

    utilissimo...... necessario....... indispensabile......

    Idea Submitter

    Grazie! se puoi, aiutami a far girare il link a questo progetto!

    Molto interessante.
    Da supportare senza indugi!

    Idea Submitter

    Grazie Andrea! :-))
    se puoi retwitta, posta su facebook, pinna.. insomma fai quello che puoi per convincere altra gente a votare!

    Sounds like a very interesting project!
    I think this idea addresses an important problem of our days and from the social point of view it's difficult to find something more crucial and worldwide needed.
    All technologies involved are already available, so.. thumb up!

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks for your support. I really think it is doable with a collection of existing technologies, so there are high chances to have something working on a short time span!

    Veramente un bel progetto.
    Anche se non fosse finanziato merita comunque di essere portato avanti.

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks Marco for your comment, I hope more people will rate and comment on this, so that it will be financed and I will be able to really work on it. Please spread the link, so I'll have more chances.

    Grazie Marco per il tuo commento, Spero che più persone lo voteranno e lasceranno commenti, in modo che sia finanziato e che io possa veramente lavorarci. Fai girare il link cosi' avrà più possibilità.