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 Posted on 09/04/2014 - 11:13
Idea Outline
In communities, information is shared through all kinds of channels like email, messengers and other social media. Socie is a unifying communication channel (mobile app) which brings together this information in a single environment per community.

The Challenge
Nowadays, information is shared through many different channels. The overabundance of different social media platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc.) makes it impossible to capture all information and hard to filter relevant information. Clear communication to and within groups is especially difficult through existing channels: even though many of these social media channels de support groups, they lack the necessary structure and functionality to be of real use. Also, as groups grow larger, the clarity of these channels decreases rapidly. This implies the need for an app that is especially developed to let individuals communicate within a social group.

The Solution

The solution is an app that is solely developed to a) provide information to; and b) let members interact within a group. Socie presents all important information relevant to a certain group (community, sports club, students' association, etc.) in one app. Within the app activities can be found and signed up for, photos and videos can be viewed, a list of all members is integrated, and even mobile payments can be made. The app can be personalized to match the community's identity and usage statistics of the group can be found. The app is already being successfully used by more than 60 communities in the Netherlands. The award will be used to perform market research to expand to a larger scale and to discover the European market.

Target group and social impact
Currently the app is mostly being used by (larger) students' and study associations. Student associations all over Europe could use the app. However, the target group is way broader. The app can be used by all kinds of associations, communities and other groups, as long as there is a need for mutual communication. Examples of other groups include sports teams (or even clubs) or even people with a shared interest. With our app, these groups will notice they will be able to share and filter relevant information in a much easier and more efficient way.

Competences of the applicant
Tizin Mobile is a company with extensive experience in app development. They have participated in the development of (the biggest Dutch newsapp) and multiple mobile payment apps. Tizin is expert in the areas of mobile health, communities, mobile payment and safety. They develop for all different mobile platforms.

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    An interesting solution with a lot of potential!

    To be honest, I red this proposal a few times but still cannot understand what is new and innovative here. The problem is - it is very badly written with poor grammar and hence, difficult to follow

    Perfect App !

    A good and potential winning idear !

    Really cool app! Very usefull in large community's, sport organisations or even for companies.

    Sounds like a clear solution to a common problem!

    Great app

    Nice idea! The free Start version looks interesting

    Sounds like a very real and common problem. Within a large community it is always difficult to maintain communication through all layers. Also, these days a large amount of people have a smartphone at hand, which makes this a viable solution to combat the problem. Would like to see more of this.

    I wish we had this app when I was in the board of a student association. It would have made communicating with our members so much easier.

    I think this app is perfect to structure all kind of communication because it seems to integrate social media, push notifications, website and way more !!!

    Loving this. All group communication in one app. I can imagine that all kind of communities using it.

    Nice idea.