Posted on 09/04/2014 - 14:26
Idea Outline
This proposal is looking to establish a low cost best practice and procedure that can be implemented by individual Olive farmers (Later Citrus & Grape) to process their own waste olive pomace and utilize the OMWW produced in olive oil production.

The Challenge
There are over four million tonnes olive pomace produced every year which is sent to land fill or sent for expensive forms of chemical processing. This does not include the citrus and grape waste. In many cases many small farms store olive mill waste water in pits for "evaporation" which can lead to ground water contamination.

The Solution

By developing a process & practice that returns that pomace to the farms that produce the olives for Vermi-composting you can return the land to agro-silvo -pastoral system & not chemical based production, improving the quality of olives produced, reducing costs & the reliance on chemical fertilizers to the farmer, which could lead to green accreditation. Reducing transport and cost of disposal which impacts on the carbon footprint of the olive oil industry.
Additional employment in areas that are seeing major reductions at this time due to continued mechanization in agriculture. We look to develop a best production practice & low cost build template that can be implemented by all olive farmers, one that can be scaled to each farm or mills requirements, build information via website

Target group and social impact
Processes that produce large quantities of bio waste, be that industry or farming, new job creation in high unemployment areas in southern Europe. Use of Olive Mill Waste Water in the process instead of fresh, removing the need to send that OMWW to be chemical treated as is now under EU rules. Process can be performed at producing olive farms removing the need to transport waste to land fill. Six positive revenue opportunities from the Process being; Liquid fertilizer, Animal protein production, Olive farm grazing as an extra additional income for farms, Employment from compost production, and other linked production, Sale of compost, For the area the production brings additional employment in production, animal management and administration &100% conversion of Olive pomace & OMWW.

Competences of the applicant
I have spent many years in disaster management and the disposal of hazardous products, I have spent thirty years using Vermi-composting on a domestic level with spectacular results. I have a long history of developing projects from conception to delivery.

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