Matching-site for group-buildings for 50+ people
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 14:50
Idea Outline
Matching-site like a dating-site for 50+ people where they can find a good match with other 50+ people to live together in a good building/house/ complex of apartments that is future-proof so they can share sociability, (health)care and things.

The Challenge
The modern-day elderly people don't want to (and can not) live in retirement-houses anymore but want to choose their own house-partners, places and lifestyle. F.e. in the Netherlands there will be around 23% older people in the next years. There are not enough suitable houses for this demographic change. Adjustments cost a lot of money for the local government or for the older people themselves. An other big problem is barrenness among older people who live alone. A part of the solution is to facilitate them to find a nice group of people with whom they can buy , hire or build their own groups-houses in a way they want. 11% Of the 55-65+ people wants to live with other people. Marketeers thinks this number will increase the next years. 80% have sufficient financial capability.

The Solution

A matching-site for 50+people where they can find other people to live together. Activities: Brainstorms with groups of 50+ people to hear more of their wishes, ideas and dreams about this subject. Deciding criteria for matching. Talking to website-builders how they can make a effective tool for this purpose .
Talking with companies who will be interested when many groups of 50+ people are successfully formed with clear shared ideas where they want to live together, local government (responsible for housing and healthcare for everybody), architects and building-company's, healthcare organisations etc. to work together so they can concentrate on their core business. and deliver that customer-orientated. And developing further services after matching the groups.

Target group and social impact
50+ People who live in inappropiate houses for their future. People who are aware of the problems in the future and have the financial and mental capicity and motivation to buy, hire or build a groupshouse together. They will live in suitable houses on one level with no stairs or with elevators and at least one common livingroom with the other participants. They can choose for a cooperation. Their old houses can be sold to younger people so this is good for the housing market especially in city's where younger people wants to live but there is no room. When there are a lot of this kind of grouphousecooperations for 50+ there is also a lot of flexibility, variety and freedom of choice among them: migrate to an other groups house, room to host quests, share initiatives, meeting etc

Competences of the applicant
I am an adviser for housing, care and social welfare (JSO) for local governments. I'm specialized in co-creation and dialogue in public space. I initiated Placemaking in Holland on a big scale and especially with older people. As a student and as a young professional I lived with pleasure in more than 12 groups-houses, sometimes in the form of a cooperation . I focus on ageing now

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