Beaky - Learning to read through Augmented Reality
 Posted on 10/04/2014 - 16:53
Idea Outline
Beaky is a digital game which assists children in their first steps towards reading. Using the newest augmented reality technology and storytelling, physical components are combined with the digital world. Developing a new playful educational method.

The Challenge
Use of digital devices & applications has greatly increased in the last decade, for instance through the availability of tablets and smartphones. Children are also influenced by this social development and are confronted which these technologies at a very young age. Studies prove that 38% of children under the age of 2 already use digital devices. In most cases these children are more capable of handling and understanding these devices compared to their (grand)parents. Playing games for instance is therefore perceived as useless or even harmful by (grand)parents, while a great opportunity for digital based learning (gamification) is at hand. Through ‘Beaky’, gaming & learning is combined in ways understandable for parents, creating new opportunities for methods of digital based learning.

The Solution

Children are using tablets & smartphones at an increasingly young age. This solution is responding to this development by means of a high-tech app for tablets based on augmented reality (digital component) and a physical part. The physical (traditional) part consist of an educational book and a box with wooden blocks with pictures of animals. Through the app a story is told in which at certain points questions are asked. The app will spell, for example ‘cow’ addressing the child to show (to the camera) a block with a cow picture. The app will recognize the answers and give hints if answers are wrong. By combining the physical and the digital part (grand)parents are encouraged to participate in playing. The award will be used to: 1) Explore market readiness; 2) Consult educational experts.

Target group and social impact
This product has the potential to close the digital gap between parents and children by using both physical and digital components. It also gives a great boost to the educational sector by offering a new, high/tech and playful method to combine gaming and learning, resulting in both social and economic benefits. The game can easily be translated and used in other languages, making it accessible and useful throughout all of Europe. Potential impact is therefore high. The game is developed for children between the ages 3 and 5, making it a perfect tool for preliminary schools or for use at home. While the game tells a different story every time, it stays fun to play and keeps its educational value over time. Potential expansions of the game could address other topics like math or geography.

Competences of the applicant
Wild Sea B.V. is highly experienced in augmented reality technology through the development of an app for the popular Dutch music band Blof ( The app became a great success which resulted in winning the Interactive Award for 2013. Furthermore Wild Sea is specialized in creative design, serious gaming technology and (mobile) app development (

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    I love Beaky :-)

    Beaky is a modern way of thinking truly digital. Bringing together generations by an ultimate combination of creativity and technical skills.

    As a teaching professional I'm always looking for new methods that incorporate new devices. I thinks this is one of the most innovative ideas. Not because it's digital, but because it's a good old wooden box with bricks. Can't wait to see this happen!

    As a publisher I can recommand this idea. Not only because of the used new technology, but even because of the (easy) possibility to develop all kinds of contents for early childhood learning.
    It can also connect home-learning (where tablets are penetrated more than in schools) with schoollearning.

    Great idea! It's an innovative method despite the "old fashioned" part with the blocks. It's the combination that will attract young children.

    Combination of do and think is the most effective way of learning, in particular for young children.
    Perfect design.

    Excellent idea! Certainly worth being implemented and developed further.

    I've played this game with my 4 years old son. He just loved it.

    This is a great idea. We keep complaining that children are too focused on the 'screen' (even though they just copy 'us'...). This will get them to feel, touch and play with an object other than a screen again.

    Wonderful idea by Wild Sea from the Netherlands. Just wow.

    Nice idea! Mixing online en offline in a useful and playful way.

    Can't wait to use it for my son!

    Wowww! Super idea and really looking forward to seeing my niece/nephew playing with this ingenious Beaky. Way to go WildSea!

    Great idea, and great execution! I'm wondering how it will work with Google Glass :-)

    Learning and playing at the same time using augmented reality at young age will definitely improve both our educational environment as it wil close the gap with the not-so-IT smart generations

    I love Beaky ... who doesn't ...

    Great idea, I absolutely believe that this will help to educate young children.

    Relevant, problem solving and realistic

    My two year old son is indeed agile with tablets and I see him doing this without problems. Play and learn at the same time, good initiative.

    Wonderful.... I really hope this will be available in short time!

    Brilliant idea! If I can help in any way or form please contact me.

    Very innovative game!

    A small step for (a) man....

    Nice combination of old methods and new possibilities, with additional training of maneuvering the hands....

    This idea has a great potential for growth. I like the mix of traditional and new technology keeping education simple, engaging and fun for all.

    Beautiful idea - could bring families together. Love the look and feel of the app/site and the bricks. A lovely gift too - gifting just apps always feels so unsatisfactory to me. Would be interested to know the price point for it.

    Refreshing approach to teaching kids how to read. I'm very interested to see the test results

    I can't wait to see this product in action!

    Fantastic project. What a great idea to merge oldschool with the latest technology