MobiCare a game-like app for aerobic training.
 Posted on 29/04/2014 - 19:29
Idea Outline
MobiCare is a web platform for professionals and a set of mobile applications for users or patients. With game elements and game design MobiCare motivates, promotes and helps users in order to fulfill the recommendations of World Health Organization.

The Challenge
A healthy lifestyle improves quality life. The World Health Organization states that physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality On the other hand increase the fitness level with the physical activity increases life expectancy. For each increase of 1 MET (Metabolic Equivalent) there is a 12% increase in the life expectancy of men and a 17% increase in women. These are just a little set of information that affirms the importance of an active lifestyle. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task. Normally people are not able to change their habits without help and motivation. How could we motivate, promote and help users to adhere the recommendations of World Health Organization on physical activity?

The Solution

MobiCare is the proposed solution, it helps and motivates people by using game elements and game design for the improvement of aerobic endurance training in order to meet the recommendations of World Health Organization on physical activity. The PBL (Point, Badge, Leadership) framework is used in MobiCare, assigning points and rewards to the user in order to guide him towards the fulfillment of the recommendations. The MobiCare applications are based on: heart rate sensors, text to speech and voice recognition technologies in order to monitor, evaluate and guide users during their training sessions and also motivate them in order to perform the training as best they can.
If the awards will be received a first version of MobiCare will be developed in order to test the system with users.

Target group and social impact
MobiCare is a no profit app. It will be developed in order to offer a service to the community where all the actors are socially involved. It will be provided for free or just for the cost of hardware maintenance if professionals or healthcare deliveries offer the service for a social scope with no profit intention. It is worth to underline that the scalability and the modularity of MobiCare allow a high level of customization that professionals could use in order to offer the MobiCare service (in white label) as part of their business. The potential clients of MobiCare are: doctors and other healthcare professionals (cardiologists, nutritionists, trianers, etc.), private/public healthcare deliveries, gyms, fitness and other wellness centers.

Competences of the applicant
Eugenio Gaeta (M) is Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain and Computer Science engineer from Universitá La Sapienza di Roma. His expertise is in wearable sensor, physical activity monitoring and mobile Health. He has collaborated in several R&D projects and enterprises in the areas of wearable devices, e-Inclusion and e-Health.

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