Digital placemaking for senior-proof public spaces
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 13:56
Idea Outline
Placemaking is a instrument to create successful public spaces by the community itself. When it's digital and combining the ideas of 'Design for all' it can be used on a wide scale in cities that deal with ageing to make their places senior-proof.

The Challenge
Ageing is an important phenomenon in many European cities and will need a lot of modifications and adjustments in the public space. In many places there will be more than 30 % of the people 65+. The numbers of 75+ people will be even doubled. Physical and social changes are needed like a lower entrance in public buses, more public bathrooms, more room for wheelchairs, more lighting in streets and public buildings, more time to cross the street and more places to rest and to sit, the speed of the traffic will have to slow down etc. But it is not the same everywhere and it's good to ask the seniors themselves what they need in their neighborhood. They can also meet each other, talk about the social needed adjustments and what they can do themselves. Digital placemaking can be a help.

The Solution

Combining Placemaking and Design for All in 1 digital based instrument (list of questions) that's senior proof
With Placemaking the public can judge the public space successfully regarding the following points: uses and activities, comfort and image ,access and linkages and sociability.Design for all inspires us to make adjustments especially for people with more disabilities like elderly or disabled people.
1. Doing a pilot with a group of 65+-80 people in different public spaces.(city, village, park, square, building)
2.Talking with company's how they can make a senior-proof application for e pads in a way the results can easily be worked out.
3.Talking with local government and health-organisations about their wishes
4.Planning to take the project to prototype

Target group and social impact
The target group is 65+ and 70+ people. When there is a digital instrument for combining Placemaking and Design for all which is made in a senior-proof way a lot of company's /organisations can easily make their cities, villages, neighborhoods, recreation areas like parks etc. senior-proof thanks to all the specific ideas of seniors themselves. Because it's digital based the results can be easily worked out. Senior-proof public spaces helps the elderly people to live and move around more independently. They can go out more easily and keep active so its better for their health and vitality. They will also be able to meet other people more easily and suggest new specific meeting-places. That's also good against bareness. They will live more healthy, vital, active and happy.

Competences of the applicant
I'm a adviser of JSO in the field of housing, healthcare and social welfare. I'm specialized in public space, co-creation and dialogue. In 2009 I did a course Placemaking in New York from PPS. I introduced it on a large scale in the Netherlands especially around Rotterdam. Our team did placemaking in streets, neighborhoods, parks, squares and also in retirement homes in about 25 city's now.

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