NANA: Never Alone NAtural device
 Posted on 30/04/2014 - 17:23
Idea Outline
A combination of an online platform and a wearable device to detect emergency situations, call help and tell to rescuers basic informations before they arrive. Accidental falls, fainting, excessive CO2 are the main problems to address.

The Challenge
The main challenge are the build of a wearable device that can be constantly kept beside to the user without side effect and define correct behaviour for the sensors to prevent false positive alarm. These challenges must be kept in mind since the beginning of the project and must involve people expert in industrial design and health measurements. After these elements we will have to define a platform that can assure users maximum level of privacy (due to sensible data) but in the same time the right information availability.

The Solution

To summarize the idea we will have to build these macro-elements:
- wearable device: multiple sensors powered device to be kept beside the user and able to monitor all the necessary informations to detect emergency situations and collect data to be given in advance to rescuers.
- central software: able to collect wearable device information, pack them and call emergency contacts (familiar or SOS) giving them (via text or digital vocal) information about the emergency situation

If we'll be successful in receiving the award we will spend time and resources analysing the device project, the sensors integration and the emergency calling procedure.

Target group and social impact
elderly people and everyone risks to being alone

Competences of the applicant
Software developer Electronic engineer Medical engineer

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  • Health and Demographic Change

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