People Olympics for healthy and active living
 Posted on 15/04/2014 - 18:31
Idea Outline
People Olympics: 10.000s strong teams competing for their city wellbeing, fun and social transformation The new game where participants (reflecting city demographics) track their physical activity and contribute to the city Healthy index

The Challenge
The Eurobarometer survey (march 2014) says that European population physical activity is decreasing It has been demonstrated that reduced physical activity increase the risk factor for large number of diseases including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders (in an aging society) People Olympics increase average physical activity of general population by involving large teams to co-create and participate in events that promote innovative physical activity

The Solution

The initiative addresses the challenge by developing a mobile application and ICT system supporting individual and team involvement in the People Olympics game.
The App enables people to:
- create and co-create events, join events and evaluate people contribution to city rank
- track the physical activity performed
The systems enable the local city organizer to manage people participation (city team) and to provide personal recommendation and stimulation to people physical activity.
Based on the social and physical activity level of the 10,000 team an Healthy Index is elaborated for the city and compared to the other cities to identify the People Olympics winner.
Main concept is to improve collective performance: prices and awards are given to everyone

Target group and social impact
The target of the initiative is general population reflecting city demographics. Increasing average physical activity will result in drastic reduction of healthcare cost and increase of WellBeing perception Co-creation activities will influence the sustainable development of city infrastructure: first of all city infrastructure are used and accessed by population; then they are also developed in a sustainable way. People Olympics will stimulate the development of industrial innovation for physical activity tracking and WellBeing measurement (i.e. wearable devices like t-shirts and gadgets like pedometers) Large open data stream of physical activity tracking will be available for researchers globally to discover behavior patterns and assess correlated health WellBeing benefits

Competences of the applicant
Roberto Santoro is directly involved in development&implementation of Concurrent Enterprising&Collaborative Networks methodologies & is President Emeritus of the European Network of Living Labs and ESoCE Net. He conceived People Olympics, a disruptive approach for societal change at large. The objective is focusing collective intelligence to the Joint Intent of addressing today Societal Challenges

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  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Health and Demographic Change

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