My Book of Pregnancy
 Posted on 16/04/2014 - 17:36
Idea Outline
My Book of Pregnancy is a personalised mobile health information and monitoring application that enables step-by-step self-management of the women’s health during pregnancy and creates a secure close link with her attending healthcare professional.

The Challenge
Improving the wellbeing of mothers-to-be and their babies is an important health priority, as it helps to predict the health status of the next generation and future health challenges affecting the quality of life of women, children, families and society. The 2014 report by the World Health Organization and the International Telecommunication Union recognises the vital role that eHealth policies, mobile phones and innovative applications play in improving the healthcare of pregnant women and their children. My Book of Pregnancy is ideal for pregnant women who want to know and share trusted information on healthy pregnancy, to monitor their key health indicators, to interact with their attending pregnancy carer and to create their personalised book of pregnancy.

The Solution

My Book of Pregnancy is a personalised mobile application empowering pregnant women to self-manage their health during pregnancy. Coupled with mobile sensors, it enables the periodic monitoring of pregnant women and their babies' health parameters and automatically sends this data to the assisting health carer. With sharing features to family, friends, health carers and other mothers-to-be, My Book of Pregnancy conveys trusted information, approved by medics, to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.
Following the award through Call 1, Rinicare will develop a business marketing plan, with market research, intellectual property, ethics and dissemination (to the public, midwifes and health carers to attain acceptance) modules and the development plan for the My Book of Pregnancy prototype.

Target group and social impact
My Book of Pregnancy is ideal for pregnant women wanting to self-manage their pregnancy with tranquillity, benefitting from trusted information. Monitoring sensors and a direct link to the attending health carer make this affordable, secure and friendly interactive application particularly relevant for pregnancies with associated risk factors (age, overweight, stress, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma) requiring caring surveillance. Evolving from a paper-based to a digital pregnant patient, My Book of Pregnancy collects extensive health data on (high-risk) pregnancy and helps to predict the next generation's health challenges, affecting the quality of life of women, children and families and impacting the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of health and social care services

Competences of the applicant
Rinicare is a dynamic SME with a state-of-the-art technological portfolio of wireless health monitoring sensors and mHealth applications, like PRIME, the wireless health information and monitoring system for pre-hospital healthcare. Rinicare's team gathers a wide set of skills, competences and experience in healthcare, medicine, medical informatics, communications and information technology areas

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    As a Dr currently working in the NHS I have had exposure to both general practice and obstetrics and gynaecology. This app will provide invaluable interaction between myself and my patients, and I think it will be extremely useful in helping me provide excellent healthcare. I strongly support this application but I advise the developers to speak with the NHS on how best to incorporate this into practice, taking into account doctors time. In summary, a very good and timely app.

    This app can be used by pregnant women for useful tips and updates during her pregnancy period. I like the day-to-day and weekly updates that the apps give.

    This app looks great. A lot of my friends tried to find something like that when they were pregnant, but unfortunately the they couldn't. I am sure that all women will enjoy using this app.
    I really want to have children and definitely will use this app.

    As a young first time father, I remember many times where my wife was experiencing something that we didn't understand. This mostly resulted in a Google search which then usually frightened us into a trip to the GP or the A&E. Having a secure and trusted network of people in a similar situation along with a source of doctor approved information would have saved us from unnecessary worry. The doctors, nurses and midwives who helped us along the way were all fantastic, but I imagine they would be even better if they had the information provided by the at home monitoring as well.

    I work in the diabetes industry and considering all the risk factors associated with being overweight and growing diabetes epidemic it is difficult to underestimate the importance of the pregnancy monitoring! And it's not only that, all the associated conditions like infections and stress related to the pregnancy monitoring can be improved.... I would use this app myself!

    This idea is of particular interest as it integrates the latest social network technologies with the existing and well tested procedures currently used by medical professionals. I have discussed this idea with a few midwifes in the UK and all are in great favor and are asking for more details. I think everyone who is expecting or planning to have a baby should download this app. My suggestion to authors - you need to develop good business model to ensure that you can guarantee involvement of medical professionals as their time is not cheap. At the same time, the app should be realistically priced and adapted for different regions in Europe.

    There are a few apps designed to help mothers - to - be. This one has significant difference and advantage- it gives power to future parents while providing the required support from medical professionals. With such a support it has very good chance of being accepted by both the parents and midwifes

    It helps a to-be mother to keep track of everything that shall happen to her and the baby inside her body during pregnancy phase.

    I think it is really good idea. My good friend is pregnant, it is really stressful for her (and for everyone around her). I think this app will be really helpful for women and can decrease temperature of everyone around them.

    As a father of 2 children I wish this technology was available when we were preparing for the arrival of our babies. I like it a lot. I think it will have good potential for generating revenues for the Company and delivering significant and positive social impact.

    Having been a mom with pre-eclampsia, I totally see the benefits of such app! wish I had it available during my pregnancy! Being able to reach my attending doctor and track my health indicators are really important issues for a mother-to-be. Best of luck to the proposal!