WarmStreet Social Innovation Platform
 Posted on 16/04/2014 - 17:53
Idea Outline
WarmStreet creates a solidary web portal to network social services, charity organisations, economic partners, citizens and people experiencing poverty and social exclusion and provide timely assistance to those that are most vulnerable.

The Challenge
The fight against poverty and social exclusion is at the heart of the European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. More than 120 million people in the EU are at social risk while the economic crisis undermines the sustainability of social protection systems. Great potential to address social challenges is now seen in innovative civil society engagement forms. The active involvement of governments, social and economic partners, citizens and vulnerable people is catalytic in producing effective sustainable results, as projects evolve into lasting collaborations. The challenge is to make available collaborative spaces where social and technological innovations combine to ease the creation of successful social endeavours fighting poverty and social exclusion.

The Solution

WarmStreet combines web services, mobile applications and social networks as a services platform to build an online community linking those in need and those willing to minimise the burden of poverty and social exclusion.
Engaging the community to the best quality of life, WarmStreet enables the registration of aid requests (cloths, food, medication, donations), provides geotagged information on shelters and social eateries and assists volunteers. Praising anonymity, WarmStreet also gathers valuable data to monitor poverty and social exclusion.
Following the award, Rinicom will develop a detailed business marketing plan, comprising a market research analysis, intellectual property management, ethics evaluation, dissemination strategy and the development plan for the WarmStreet prototype.

Target group and social impact
WarmStreet is ideal for social services, charity organisations, economic partners and citizens wanting to help minimise the burden of poverty and social exclusion in their community, by tracking assistance requests and providing services that benefit the lives of those most vulnerable. As a promising social innovation platform, WarmStreet engages the civil society in creating and sustaining the ecosystem required to meet social challenges and make a positive difference in individuals, families and the involving community. The impact of WarmStreet's socio-economic benefits is even larger when considering the collection of valuable data to help monitor poverty and social exclusion and its contribution to lessen the burden on local, regional and national public social services systems.

Competences of the applicant
Rinicom is a leading provider of internet-based communications and information systems, such as Good Citizen, comprising online platform and mobile applications linking citizens to emergency response organisations. Rinicom's team gathers solid skills, competences and experience in the development of online platforms, mobile applications and wireless secure communications.

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Economic Empowerment and Prosperity
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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  • Social Software
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    As a social worker I think this will help to better cooperation between charity organizations and organizing a charity event will become easier.

    That's a good idea! It makes sense to know the closest point where you can leave your old clothes and help homeless people. I also suggest some 'emergency call' functionality to city terminals.

    This app is designed for care givers, to quickly and accurately find resources to aid in the care of the poor and homeless people.

    Very useful application for homeless people. It allows to choose what sort of assistance to search for, then shows where help can be found on a map of the area - it is very convinient. You can even get navigation instructions to find the way there.

    Might be useful for homeless, organizations that aid the homeless and volunteers.

    Very feasible and noble idea. I would use it - most of the time luck of knowledge and information available can lead to ignorance... Hope with this idea in place social awareness will be improved. Let me know if you need volunteers to test!!! :)

    It is very noble and innovative approach to the old problem. I fully support it but suggest to consider the following: a while ago homeless people were given a chance to help themselves by selling "Big Issue" journal. This helped a lot of people. In modern age, the proposed idea could have very similar effect. Hence, I suggest to the authors of the idea to consider this option in their business planning.

    I think it is brilliant idea. I know a lot of people who wants to help but they are do not have information about different organizations where they can send money or things. I think through your app you can give people a ability to to help people all around the world . I certainly will use this app.

    It’s a good idea to use available technologies to help those in need. You do not need to go out and look for homeless people, you may contact the homeless organization in your area and they will come to your home to take, for example, the clothes you no longer wear, or any other staff you want to pass on to the homeless people.

    Very noble idea, which should make donations easier and, as a result, will make life of unfortunate people slightly better. I certainly will use this app once it is available. One suggestion to authors - I suggest to make this app payable and to indicate that a %% of the fee will be going towards the relevant charities. In this case, both money and donations will be collected from the users of the app