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 Posted on 17/04/2014 - 09:18
Idea Outline
MyFoody is an innovative e-commerce platform. It aims at reducing food waste by creating a smart network of both mass and small retailers, who are meant to sell products about to expire at a lower price at the advantage of consumers.

The Challenge
About 90 million tons of food are wasted annually in Europe. Over 40% of food waste occurs at retail and consumer level. The main causes of food waste are represented by stock management inefficiencies and consumers’ lack of awareness. In Italy, where MyFoody is going to be launched, 277.000 tons of perfectly edible food are thrown away every year, which is equal to 37 billion euros lost. In few years MyFoody intends to enlarge its presence in major European cities, by providing efficiency, sustainability and economic empowerment by turning potential waste into new resources. Food waste is also a social, environmental and ethical problem. Indeed, more thematic education needs to be brought across society.

The Solution

MyFoody aims at reducing food waste. It consists of an online platform, which is also accessible as mobile application. Wholesalers and retailers are meant to upload their expiring products on MyFoody, where consumers are to buy them at a reduced price. The project is hinged on a GPS system by which every consumer is located and matched with specific stores in the relevant area. Delivery on bike is provided. Those goods that are not marketed on MyFoody are to be donated to non profit organisations, as well as a percentage of profits.
Many activities are to be undertaken: beside the development of the IT structure, market analysis and education. The educational profile of the project is developed by way of audiovisual supports and targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Target group and social impact
MyFoody's beneficiaries are consumers, mass retailers and small retailers. On MyFoody's platform, consumers have the opportunity to save money and time while buying perfectly edible food products. At the same time, thanks to MyFoody Educational, they are more aware of the problem represented by food waste and its fallouts, and can thus reduce their food waste and improve their social responsibility. Mass retailers and small retailers have the opportunity to: -boost their efficiency -reduce their food waste -improve their revenues -reduce their disposal costs -enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility. The service provided bears no negative externalities onto the community. Thanks to MyFoody’s sustainable home delivery on bikes, MyFoody is a zero emission project.

Competences of the applicant
MyFoody's team consists of four people and an IT developer: Esmeralda Colombo, holding a Law Degree and a Master in EU Law at College of Europe (Bruges) with a focus on agri-food law; Francesco Giberti, holding a Law Degree and experience as a CSR Consultant; Luca Masseretti, holding a Master's Degree in Economics and experience in banking; Stefano Rolla, architect; a web developer agency.

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    A solution for a very relevant problem, bravo!

    Great idea!

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    this is something more than an idea: it's a worthy solution for a huge problem. Let it become real, earth&people will thank you.

    Bravi! Ci voleva un'idea così!

    Bravissimi ! Bella l'idea e l'entusiasmo che ci state mettendo ! In bocca al lupo !

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    Ottima idea.... Complimenti e buon lavoro!

    Good luck ;)

    GREAT idea! i hate wasting food!

    Bravissimi ragazzi :D

    Great job!

    thumbs up!

    Very nice project with a Bright future


    Superbe idée!!! Bravo a l’équipe!

    Interesting and definitely feasible project that addresses a crucial issue of our consumerist society in a smart way. Many could benefit from this. You have a client here. Good luck

    Progetto interessante! Continuate così!

    Bravi! ;)

    Good luck

    Good luck

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    Ottima idea:)

    well done! I like it very much!

    Great idea!!!

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    Very interesting idea.

    Great idea ! I wish you all the best to make it real.
    If I may suggest something, I would just not limit the transportation of goods by bike. You can remain "green" with electric cars, and you need less manpower, and reach more consumers. Best of luck and braveness !