Posted on 20/05/2014 - 12:08
Idea Outline
Utilise Big Data coupled to highly dynamic data of social media to enable community organisations to capture not just headline opinion but deep underlying views of citizens so that they can better serve community need in intuitive cost effective ways

The Challenge
Community organisations have limited resources. These resources need to be well targeted on community identified need to be effective. The traditional approach to identifying community views on priorities for social investment on anything from transport to mental health is to analyse existing data to identify action areas and then conduct interviews, questionnaires, etc, to capture opinion. This approach requires specialist skills to do the analysis and is expensive diverting resources from addressing need. Questionnaires have the draw back that the questions asked often shape the answer. When asked “would more community transport be a good idea” the answer is likely to be yes but the respondent might not have identified transport as a priority if not prompted by the question.

The Solution

To address the issue a means for community organisations to provide access to Big Data to help factually inform opinion and illustrate consequences using data visualisation and simulation tools is needed. Reaction will be monitored through analysis of social media. A key technical issue is the development of an intuitive framework that provides easy to use visualisation / simulation tools together with a wide selection of social media opinion mining tools. The feasibility study will

1 Establish target groups and their needs along with the technical challenges seen as barriers to take-up
2 Account for work done by standards bodies with respect to data and opinion mining
3 Evaluate potential business models with the stakeholders
4 Propose solution as the basis to develop the platform

Target group and social impact
Principle beneficiaries are citizens and communities as their unmediated views will be captured allowing direct relationship between community opinion and social investment. Provision of visualisation and simulation tools in a format non-specialists can use will enable informed debate with consequences transparent. Communities will be able to use these techniques to deliver better social investment decision-making at lower cost by avoiding the need for consultants. They will benefit from enhanced credibility of their participation activities countering the charge that exercise gave answer they set out to achieve. The organisations to benefit will be Charities Social Enterprises Local authorities SMEs usually unable to afford public consultation will benefit from a lower cost bar.

Competences of the applicant
Our team comprise business, charity and university professionals with experience in the issues arising from policy and strategy formation. We have long recognised the flaws in the current approach. We have thought in depth about the solution and the regulatory and moral impacts. We have wide experience in R&D proposal formulation and execution through national, EU and private sector funding.

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