Discover Something - Socially innovative tourism
 Posted on 02/05/2014 - 05:21
Idea Outline
Discover Something uses urban games to promote a new form of responsible tourism for the youth, that combines fun, culture and exchange with local communities, while producing digital contents that can be geolocated and shared on a social platform.

The Challenge
The world is full of amenities and cultural diversity that deserve to be discovered and valorized through local and international tourism. However, our tourist model is often superficial and sometimes has a negative social and environmental impact on local territories. It is particularly difficult to engage the youth in a tourist experience that is at the same time fun, cultural, and respectful of the environment and local communities, and this creates a missed opportunity also in terms of intercultural exchange. Our challenge is to create new, socially innovative forms of tourism that involve the youth and encourage them to explore new places and cultures in a fun way, while respecting the environment and building new social relationships with local communities living in tourist areas .

The Solution

The idea consists of developing a new entertainment product that can be adopted by tourist sector operators (tourist agencies, holiday villages, hotels, sea cruises..) and that target in particular young tourists.
It consists of a digital platform where young tourists can play innovative urban games that guide them in the exploration of local territories and cultures.The games are played together with fellow youths living around the tourist site, creating new social relationships with resident communities.
Players can share their experience on the platform and social media, promoting local territories and fostering a new culture of socially innovative responsible tourism. With the resources of the award we will carry out a market study and design the business model of the service.

Target group and social impact
The target groups of this idea are: 1) the youth, that will benefit from a more cultural, stimulating, and innovative value proposition from tourist operators, 2) local communities living in tourist sites, that will benefit from the opportunity to interact with tourists in new and positive ways, promoting their culture and territory. The social impact consists in the creation of new social relationships, intercultural exchange, and sustainable promotion of local territories. Such impact is reinforced by the circulation on the social media of new user-generated contents (photos, videos, stories, comments) that increase visibility and engage more people. The aim is to foster a new approach to responsible tourism and to contaminate the tourist sector with new ideas and practices.

Competences of the applicant
LAMA has experience in the design and implementation of innovative solutions with positive social impact and environmental sustainability. We have experience using urban games and social media for engaging the youth in social and civic projects. Our team covers all the necessary skills to launch a new sustainable service, including research, strategy, finance, communication, marketing.

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