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 Posted on 22/04/2014 - 02:12
Idea Outline
We aim to provide a service which predominantly targets the youth demographic, this will be achieved by establishing an alternative and beneficial medium for social interactions. The platform is ‘TUPI’ – a social networking system with a difference.

The Challenge
The urgency of need for this project alternative approach to social networking in youth must not be understated; the rates of depression in youth do not decrease over time, and through this self-sustaining service we hope to address the root of the issue- social isolation in youth. This service is fulfilling a vital need in youths today – the need to fit in and to contribute socially to their communities. It applies the Gamification concept to push the youth out of their room and join useful activities in their city. The prize will be the hook to help the youth get out. Of course, prizes must be something that is fashionable and trending to fit in the youth's taste. While joining the social activities, they have chances to make friends, know about their surroundings and support society.

The Solution

It is a point rewarding system controlled by our website. We collaborate with the City and other companies/ start-ups. We add a certain points to each event held by these organizations. Users of the website get points by joining events. The more points they earn, the more valuable of the prize they get.
We'll cooperate with the City Board and through them, we'll connect ourselves with the local businesses/start-ups. They'll be the suppliers for prizes and events.
Citizens sign up for website and via website, they know what, when, where, points of the events. They join events and receive a code which will need to be submitted via their website's accounts to receive relevant points. When points are accumulated enough, they can redeem points for prizes.
Range for events is unlimited.

Target group and social impact
TUPI brings benefits to all of participants: Citizens will earn prizes via points ( The more valuable the prize is, the higher the points are and these events based on their characteristics, will have relevant points e.g. going to the concert: 100 TUPIs, recycling: 200 TUPIs). The City Board attracts the citizen to the city events/social works while the companies can advertise their brand with the events and stick their image to the clean concept (green and social, recycling, charity work). Finally our website can gain profit by the membership fees/sponsoring/advertising fee from the city and the companies. TUPI'll stick points to the local business (shopping in a mall: 100 TUPIs) and for the start-ups, we'll consider giving more points or give them first month using our point system free.

Competences of the applicant
We have enough members from different backgrounds for important positions (IT, Marketing, Hospitality, Finance). We have foundation knowledge, enthusiasm and ambition but yet we are quite young and we lack the experience . All we need is the support in funding and mentoring. We believe that with the right support, we can take this project into action and make it successful.

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